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The G7 agrees to support the countries of the Amazon to help quell fires

August 25, 2019


The G7 countries have agreed to support the countries of the Amazon to help them control the fires that affect the region and that have already devastated hundreds of thousands of hectares.

French President Emmanuel Macron has explained that the seven countries are willing to “help as soon as possible the countries affected by the fires.” “Now our teams contact the countries of the Amazon to realize that help,” said Macron from Biarritz, venue this weekend of the G7 summit.

“There is a real coincidence in this regard. We all agree to help countries affected by these fires as soon as possible,” Macron added.

The French president has also stressed that his country is part of the nine countries of the Amazon, as these forests extend to the overseas department of French Guiana.

According to data from the Space Research Institute of Brazil (INPE) so far this year the fires have increased 83 percent over the same period of 2018. In 2019 this state agency has registered 72,843 fires, the highest number since it reached the previous record in 2013. Between August 15 and 20, satellites accounted for 9,500.