The future of the game? Marble races powered by hamsters are coming to Ethereum

After a little more than two years of development On Sunday, a new game form for the world of Ethereum will be introduced on the mainnet: the marble races run with hamsters.

Driven by Mia, a female Zungarian hamster or “winter white dwarf” and her trustworthy hamster wheel, the project nicknamed “Mia the Marbles” is a project Automated games and marble racing platform from a group of independent developers.

Although the concept behind the project … may seem bizarre, the development team at “M M” revealed in an interview with Cointelegraph how carefully the racing platform has been thought out.

The future of the game? Marble races powered by hamsters are coming to Ethereum
The future of the game? Marble races powered by hamsters are coming to Ethereum

“We guarantee races that have proven to be fair, live and easily verifiable,” said the developers. “”We can guarantee that the races will take place in real time and will not be recorded in advance. We do this with our live video stream which physically shows the first 8 bits of the Ethereum block hash on the race track with 8 movable pins. A high pin means a 1, a low pin means a 0 “.

The team says that too There is a refund function for races that do not return a valid result after two days.

While Mia the Marbles may seem like a mind experiment or a moon hackathon dream coming to life, the developers say MM is inspired by a passion for fair play.

“”We always liked the idea of ​​blockchain gambling projects. Unfortunately, fraud is still widespread in the loosely regulated crypto space, “the team said.” We were too Brainstorming ideas with the aim of making the demonstrable justice component understandable for everyone and at the same time being fun!“”

As an employee Developers report that Mia is excellent. There was a rough patch at first – when she was little, Mia loved to nibble on demons’ fingers – but these days she’s always ready to produce. While many protocols regulated by DAOs have to worry about incentive structures and the possibility that another protocol could steal her talent through a merger, Mia happily runs up to 8 kilometers per day on her bike.

“”Hamsters are naturally very active and travel great distances at night to forage“explained the development team.

In the future there will be better developed routes and possible “championship” stands for marbles.and the developers intend to continue working towards fun and fair games on Ethereum.

“We strongly believe that adding real randomness to crypto gaming solutions can dramatically increase player confidence in these products. We want to contribute to a just world.”

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