The French Ministry of Interior is 23,500 attendees at demonstrations across the country

Manifestación de 'chalecos amarillos' en París

Demonstration of 'yellow vests' in Paris – REUTERS / CHARLES PLATIAU

Truckers denounce the new diesel tax and have started road cuts and slow marches

PARIS, Dec 8 –

A total of 23,500 people have demonstrated this Saturday in France against “unemployment and precariousness” and against pension reform, according to data provided by the Ministry of Interior of the country.

The French Ministry of Interior is 23,500 attendees at demonstrations across the country
The French Ministry of Interior is 23,500 attendees at demonstrations across the country

The 'yellow vests' have called their 56th Saturday of mobilizations against the Government to join the indefinite strike called by key sectors.

The most important actions have been in Paris, where a march from the district of Bercy has departed in the direction of the Versailles Gate, in the south of the city while the Police have warned that any manifestation of 'vests' is prohibited in points such as the Champs Elysees, The Elysium, the Matignon House (residence of the Prime Minister), the National Assembly or the Notre Dame Cathedral.

There were also demonstrations convened in medium-sized cities throughout the country such as Mans, Laval or Lons-le-Saunier and in Marseille, where leftist leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon was present, as well as in Bordeaux, Lille or Montpellier.

Mélenchon, leader of La Francia Insumisa, has called for scrupulously to respect the philosophy of nonviolence without renouncing the “maximum pressure” to achieve the annulment of the pension reform initiative. “The power, the regime, has nothing but that, the repulsive recourse to violence, so I ask you to make an effort so that things go well even in Paris, where we are accustomed to provocations,” he said.

Meanwhile, the federal secretary of the Federation of Railroad Workers' Unions (SUD-Rail), Eric Meyer, has warned that the call will be held until the Government announces the withdrawal of the pension reform bill and He recalled that next Tuesday, December 10, a new demonstration is called.

Meyer has highlighted the “historic mobilization”, a majority strike in the railways with participation in “very massive” interprofessional movements, and has denounced that the Government intends with its initiative “to prepare the opening of pensions to capitalization”.

Social mobilization derives from the pension reform proposed by Macron, which aims to unify the more than 40 schemes currently contemplated by a single framework that, according to the president, would favor equality among workers.

Among the concerns expressed by the unions is that the calculation of pensions is made by virtue of the income earned throughout working life and the suspension of early retirement plans for officials such as public transport workers and medical personnel, although the Government has not yet You have completed your project.

Meanwhile, truck drivers have started mobilizations, blockades and slow marches on Saturday at least 15 points to protest against the increase in diesel taxes.

“The government must listen to the wrath of the carriers and work with the profession in infrastructure financing,” said the Organization of European Road Carriers (OTRE) in a message posted on Twitter.

In the coming weeks the French Parliament will have to vote and validate or not the new diesel tax that would be levied on French carriers and that would be included in the public budgets for 2020.

Likewise, journalists' unions, such as the National Trade Union of Journalists-National Confederation of Workers (SNJ-CGT) or the French Democratic Confederation of Labor-Journalists have been added to the protests on Saturday “an unprecedented attack on the living conditions of many independent journalists and precarious contracts. ” “Our precariousness is your wrong information,” denounces one of the banners in the protest.

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