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The French candidate for the European Commission, interrogated by the Police for a pending case

September 10, 2019


Sylvie Goulard, the French candidate for the European Commission and whom Ursula Von der Leyen has proposed for the Internal Market portfolio, has been interrogated on Tuesday in the context of an open cause for alleged fictional jobs during her time as MEP for the party from MoDem center.

Goulard, who briefly occupied the Defense portfolio after the arrival of Emmanuel Macron at the Elysium and is currently vice president of the Bank of France, has been questioned at the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption and Financial and Fiscal Offenses (OCLCIFF) in Nanterre accompanied by his lawyer, as reported by the weekly 'Le Point'.

The former MEP of the MoDem was splashed by a fictitious job scandal by his party in the Eurocamara. According to 'Le Point', several parliamentary collaborators and members or former members of the party led by François Bayrou have been questioned in recent weeks by the anti-corruption body.

According to this medium, Goulard has already returned 45,000 euros to the European Parliament which correspond to salary paid to his former assistant, since he did not work for her. With this payment, the future commissioner – it must be endorsed precisely by the European Chamber – had closed the administrative procedure opened by the European Parliament.

The step, as highlighted by 'Le Point', was essential so that Macron could propose her as a French candidate to the Commission, although she has not closed the criminal investigation, which is still ongoing.