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The fourth edition of the Blockchain Summit Latam will take place from November 2nd to 6th in online format

September 10, 2020

The fourth edition of the Blockchain Summit Latam will take place this year from November 2nd to 6th in virtual format. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español by the organizers.

Due to the context of the pandemic, the organizers opted for a virtual version of this event, which is already internationally renowned.

Cristóbal Pereira, Executive Director of the Blockchain Summit Latam, from Chile:

“It’s a shame not to be able to host this edition of the event in person because beyond the event, everything that happens around it brings out a great community that we’ve created over the past few years.”

The fourth edition of the Blockchain Summit Latam will take place from November 2nd to 6th in online formatThe fourth edition of the Blockchain Summit Latam will take place from November 2nd to 6th in online format

Then he added:

“However, we must ensure the security of the same community. We do the online version in a different way that is time efficient but covers the most relevant topics of the year. We will have great keynote speakers and hope that everyone in Latin America can enjoy this content that we are preparing as well as the gamification that we will have. There’s a lot to be done, and we hope these five days will have an impact on the community. “

“As a team, we made the decision to host the 4th version of the Blockchain Summit Latam in online format, but in a different experience,” they said of the organization.

In addition, they have described this in detail There are five themes that are developed over four hours each day:

Economy Financial Services: Where they will look at the impact the global economic and financial system is having as a result of the birth of Bitcoin, the evolution of technology, and the use cases being handled there. You will consider, among other things, both public and approved networks, regulations, economic aspects related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized financing: Here the focus is placed on what is related to this ecosystem, which has been growing exponentially for a year, with 2020 being a year marked by this trend. Among other things, they deal with the applications being built, public networks, inclusion, challenges, and reservations.

Infrastructure dApps: In this area they consider different public and accredited networks, their use cases, approaches, development tools as well as the differences in decentralized applications (dApps) developed in Latin America, governance in protocols etc.

Latin American ecosystem: You will analyze the current regional scenario with the help of executives from across the region to understand how the region is facing the development and adoption of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general.

Governments and Businesses: You will see use cases being developed in the public sector as well as industries other than finance. There will be examples related to energy, real estate, identity, etc.

On the other hand, Practical workshops on the subject of developers are held daily parallel to the main discussions.

International speakers and experts

In that case, The presence of large global references is expected such as: Saifedean Ammous author of The Bitcoin Standard; Alex Mashinsky Founder and CEO of Celsius Network; Santiago Siri founder of Democracy Earth; Camila Russo founder of The Defiant and many others.

“We’ll also have gamification, where you can earn both hardware and bitcoins by participating in the various activities we organize. These activities start before the event, ”emphasized the organizers.

Free event

It should be mentioned that The event is free. To be able to book from an access ticket, users can do so on the website.

On the other hand, they specified: “We have A VIP ticket costs USD 90 You will mainly have access to: (i) private meetings with selected speakers; (ii) 1 year courses at the Blockchain Academy Chile; (iii) leveling course prior to the event; (iv) VIP account on the Emet Business platform; (v) chat and private business meetings; And other things”.

The conversations will take place live on the Brella platform, which was also used for Cointelegraph’s Unitize event.

All relevant requests for participation in the live event will be sent to all persons who are registered on our platform.

Some lectures will also be broadcast on the Blockchain Summit Latam YouTube channel

Clarification on date changes

On the official blog they made a clarification about the dates and the changes made: “Regarding our last press release of April 6, 2020, in which we announced the updated dates of the 4th version of the Blockchain Summit Latam, we are sorry to inform you that this can take place in Panama City on October 15th and 16th of this year and that this is not possible on these dates or in 2020 in a personal format. “

In this context, they explained the causes: “Month after month, as an organization team, we monitored what was happening in Panama, where the local health authorities were looking for a way to stop the pandemic that is affecting us worldwide.

They were in and out of quarantine throughout the country (…). On the logistical level in connection with the event, Tocumen International Airport in Panama resumed its limited business operations on August 14th. Above all, however, all foreigners entering Panama must, by order of the local authorities, carry out a mandatory quarantine for 14 days. In addition, they informed us from Hotel W, the location where the event would take place, that they are not yet clear about a possible opening of the hotel. From the health authority, they said they could open limited hotel service in early October and everything related to private events and catering cannot start right now. “

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