The first virtual and free ‘TEDx Mexico City’ will take place tomorrow

This Saturday, June 6th, Alejandra Eme Vázquez, Juan Enríquez, Mariana Niembro and MexFutura will be present.

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The first virtual and free ‘TEDx Mexico City’ will take place tomorrow
The first virtual and free ‘TEDx Mexico City’ will take place tomorrow

The first virtual event of TEDxMexicoCitywhich will consist of four sessions on-line Live takes place on the first Saturdays of each month from June 6th and will participate in the participation of great representatives of ideas.

“In this unusual and challenging context in which we live today, we face the need to advance our purpose. This has helped us to recognize that our strength is our being Share ideas. For this reason, we invited great speakers from different disciplines who can give us feedback from different perspectives, ”commented Marcela Ángela García, director and curator of TEDxCiudadDeMéxico.

The first virtual TedxCiudadDeMéxico is possible thanks to the efforts of volunteers. This time it’s totally free to access these live forums. Interested parties only have to register on the official website of the initiative.

The first broadcast of the event will take place this Saturday, June 6, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Mexico City, in which three outstanding participants will take part. speaker, by MexFutura – project by Denise Gutiérrez, by Hello Seahorse! and La Banda Bastön – as a special guest.

“We believe that any worthwhile idea deserves to be exposed to make changes in the world. We are convinced that what moves the world is POWER OF IDEAS. It is our nature to exchange ideas that have an impact on the community, ”concluded Marcela Ángela García. On this premise, the speakers for the coming Saturday will be:

  1. Juan Enriquez – author of several bestseller including CuI go the future reaches you, develops us, the United States of America, the challenge of Mexico and good / bad. He is a member of various scientific councils.

  2. Alejandra Eme Vázquez – Coordinates the Thinking the Domestic project, a collective space to generate dialogues, readings and writings around the home space and home care. Publicity Your body will go, Text winner of the Dolores Castro Essay Award 2018.

  3. Mariana Niembro – She has been a co-founder and director of Borde Político since 2012. It focuses on promoting the strengthening of Mexican democracy.

The following events will be broadcast on July 4th, August 1st and September 6th and will introduce, among other things, surprise guests and prominent speakers from the fields of science, technology, literature and culture who influence more communities with their ideas.

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