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The first TV program developed with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence deals with the redistribution of wealth

September 11, 2020

Bloomberg Media announced a new interactive conversational series entitled “That’s Debatable” which will be released on Bloomberg Television. on Friday, October 9th at 7 p.m. (ET). Artificial intelligence will play an important role, and the first chapter will talk about the redistribution of wealth. This was reported by a statement from IBM Cointelegraph in Spanish.

“Presented in partnership with Intelligence Squared US and hosted by four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and discussion moderator, John Donvan of Intelligence Squared. The program includes industry leaders, economists, lawmakers and public intellectuals discussing some of today’s most pressing issues”They said in the statement. “That’s Controversial” is also sponsored by IBM.

Filmed in front of a live virtual audience, “This is controversial” will take place in the traditional Oxford format, with two teams of two subject matter experts debating over four rounds. The live audience will select a winner via cell phone who will be announced at the end of the show.

The first TV program developed with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence deals with the redistribution of wealthThe first TV program developed with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence deals with the redistribution of wealth

The program will also show how artificial intelligence can be used Bring a wider and more diverse range of voices and opinions to the public space and help uncover new perspectives in order to improve the arguments of the debaters.

The general public is asked to provide a brief argument for or against the opinion for each episode.

IBM Watson

During the discussion, IBM Watson plans to use key point analysis, a new feature in natural language processing (NLP) developed by the same IBM research team that created Project Debater, to analyze the arguments submitted by viewers and viewers Provide information about the global audience.

“Bloomberg Media’s global audience regularly turns to Bloomberg Television as a critical source of news and information,” said Al Mayers, global director of Bloomberg Television and Radio.

He went on to add, “By partnering with Intelligence Squared for ‘This is Controversial’, we are offering viewers a thought-provoking speech and insight into some of the key issues that are currently the focus of national and global conversation.”

On the flip side, Clea Conner, CEO of Intelligence Squared US said: “Globally, we are facing complex and unprecedented challenges. In an age of seemingly endless phrases and echo chambers on social media, it’s harder than ever to really grapple with the other side of a topic. At this historic moment, we call for a return to a civilized and substantive debate in order to find our way in a rapidly changing world. Together with Bloomberg TV and our exclusive sponsor IBM, ‘That’s Debatable’ will explore different perspectives on the most important issues of our time and give voice to a global audience with advanced AI analytics from Watson. “

Wealth redistribution

The discussion topic for the first episode will be: “Time to redistribute the wealth.”

The public can join the discussion by making a brief argument for or against the motion: “It’s time to redistribute the wealth” by September 21st by clicking here. Then on October 9th, tune in to “That’s Debatable” for a debate that is partially fueled by your presentation.

“Our ambition of ‘That is questionable. It’s simple: show one of the many ways AI can be used forever by helping people understand nuanced viewpoints, discovering and uncovering critical insights, and making high risk decisions, ”Daniel said Hernandez, general manager of IBM Data and AI.

He went on to emphasize, “What we have learned from more than 30,000 Watson customer engagements has inspired IBM Research to create innovative innovations in speech, automation and trust-building that will be demonstrated in the series and available from Watson to all companies . “

Via Intelligence Squared US

Intelligence Squared US, a not for profit, impartial organization, was formed to deal with polarization and politics in America. According to the statement, his mission is to restore critical thinking, fact, reason and courtesy to American public discourse.

About IBM Watson

Watson is IBM’s artificial intelligence technology for companies, with the help of which companies can better predict and design future results, automate complex processes and optimize employee time.

Watson has grown from an IBM experimental research project to a scaled suite of products that run across locations.

With more than 30,000 customers, Watson is used by global brands in a variety of industries to transform the way people work.

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