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The first half of the year looks promising for DASH investors

May 28, 2020

According to the cryptocurrency analytics company CryptoRank DASH continued to show positive profitability in the second quarter of 2020 (+ 12.8%)after the best performance since the first quarter of 2017 with + 59%.

According to the infographic presented Historically, the first half of the year is the most profitable for Cryptocurrency Dash. The cryptocurrency, which was only presented in two periods, achieved returns below 100% in 2015 (+ 75%) and 2019 (+ 81.2%), with the exception of the declining declining year 2018.

The first half of the year looks promising for DASH investorsThe first half of the year looks promising for DASH investors

Since 2014, the maximum was in the second quarter of this year with an output of + 1,291.4% in this periodwhen the price of Dash rose from USD 0.72 cents to just over USD 9.1 per unit.

Currently, Dash’s performance in the first two quarters of 2020 is + 72%and it has every opportunity to surpass not only the 2015 results but also the 2019 results.

While it’s still too early to determine if 2020 will be a different year from the previous two for cryptocurrency, To date, Dash is changing the negative trend it had after its maximum annual output in 2017when the cryptocurrency achieved a yield of almost ten thousand percent.

In 2017, Dash rose from $ 10.83 a share at the beginning of the year to a maximum of $ 1,642 in December, amid a bull market run due to bitcoin-generated price increases.

Dash is currently hitting a high of $ 141 this past February. This has become his new resistance to maintain a successful trend in 2020.

Current situation

As mentioned in the previous section, the price of Dash changed positively at the beginning of 2020. It rose from minimum values ​​of $ 38.8 on January 3 to an annual maximum of $ 143.5 temporarily eleven days later in an excellent bull run, fueled by the recovery of the crypto market left a profit of up to + 266.18% and earned more than one hundred units within the specified period.

Since then, the asset price has managed to break out of a sharp decline that brought it to the level of the beginning of the year, which after printing an existing HCH pattern flirted with the comfort zone at the level of USD 80 creates uncertainty to move towards the final one Break the rise in annual highs (TARGET).

Dash is currently trading at $ 74.36 per unit as it remains in box 22 of the global cryptocurrency market ranking.

With key support in the $ 70 border zone Dash needs to consolidate the $ 80 zone to think about values ​​close to the annual highs. To do this, the asset must break the key averages of $ 77 to avoid falling towards $ 69, avoiding rethinking the $ 30 bearish averages.

Basics with adoption

Dash is a cryptocurrency that focuses on processing micro payments with a mix of data protectionwhich, like Bitcoin, does not depend on a central unit.

With the vision of becoming digital money “Hence the name for the game with English words”, The project was born in January 2014 and renamed three times. until you have the current name.

The team behind its development recently announced a partnership with IntoTheBlock to provide dash users with analysis and market information.

A study by CoinMarketCap ranked the cryptocurrency fourth in the first quarter for the highest performing assets by market cap with + 58.47%.

At the Latin American level The cryptocurrency has played a fundamental role in the introduction of electronic payments through the Dash Pay system in Venezuela. According to the company, this reaches up to 2,200 acceptance points across the entire oil country.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every step of investment and trading involves risks. You have to do your own research when making a decision.