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The first ETH ended here, which was dismantled 5 years later.

August 1, 2020

Ethereum, a household name in the cryptocurrency industry, activated its network on July 30, 2015. But what happened to the ETH’s first mined coin so many years ago? The company for blockchain analysis and anti-money laundering found out Coinfirm.

“Another great example of the many advantages of blockchains like Ethereum compared to traditional space. We can see and understand the literal added value and how it moves.” said the co-founder of Coinfirm and CMO, Grant Blaisdell, to Cointelegraph, adding: “At a time when fiduciary impressions of central banks and other important elements are absolutely unknown to the people and companies concerned.”

* Courtesy of Coinfirm.

The first mined ETH coin was born five years ago.

The first ETH ended here, which was dismantled 5 years later.The first ETH ended here, which was dismantled 5 years later.

The first mined block from Ethereum was assigned to the following address: 0x05a56e2d52c817161883f50c441c3228cfe54d9f, data from Coinfirm showed. Management received a payment of 5 ETH.

L.The aforementioned address has accumulated 265.63 ETH in mining awards over time. responsible for a mining career with a total of 53 blocks. An address for cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken received the first 5 ETH rewards as payment for dismantling the opening block. as the coinfirm data showed.

A Wei of the ETH went to the address: 0xc130afe98f8c42e19bdacf8c6e63e48a44a26ca8. Wei is held as a Satoshis version of Ethereum, which is called the smallest divisible fraction of an ETH. In total, management sent ETH four times to three different locations.

The Ethereum has come a long way

ether has changed dramatically since its first mined block, not just in terms of your network, but also in the price of your property. Long-term Hodler likely benefited from the benefits of the project as the asset takes its place among the industry’s largest assets.

ICODrops data show that ETH had one Price of USD 0.31 per coin during your first coin offering or ICO, A very substantial profit potential if the owners keep the asset at its all-time high near USD 1,400 per coin by 2018.

The Ethereum network has also shown no shortage of changes over the years, as within Ethereum 2.0 it is still about to transition to the Proof of Stake (PoS).

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