The film and book about Craig Wright will be produced

The benefactor of Bitcoin SV, Calvin Ayre, announced that it was funded A documentary about the life and times of Craig Wright, the Australian who claims to have invented Bitcoin.

According to a Tweet from August 12th Ayre, The billionaire BSV supporter and nChain board member already turned the green light and delivered “in production”. Ayre said he hired a documentary team from London and all They will “examine everything” about Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

The comments were shared among the BSV supporters as Neil Gallacher what did he say, “The more contact there is on this topic, the better for everyone”and skeptics like Crypto Geek What they have tagged as a “Piece of Propaganda”.

The film and book about Craig Wright will be produced
The film and book about Craig Wright will be produced

Ayre also announced that he had hired an investigative reporter to write a book on Wright after the Australian publisher canceled. ‘Behind the Mask: Craig Wright and the Bitcoin Battle ‘ in January.

Craig Wright documentary

Filming of the documentary by Craig Wright. Source: Calvin Ayre

The secret of the abandoned book

When the book was removed Confirm Press told the local media that “The danger of a lawsuit was too high”. Ayre offered to self-finance and publish the bookbut nothing worked. When asked about this week’s incident, Ayre said he was working “on our own book” with a writer:

“They say it wasn’t ‘catch and kill’ but they have to if they’re paid to freeze the book … I suspect we have a reputable investigative reporter looking into the story and makes a book for us “.

The authors of Behind the mask have not yet issued an opinion on this matterHowever, if the book had provided evidence that challenged Wright’s claims about the invention of Bitcoin, The editor would have done well to be careful.

Wright is particularly contentious – even if he doesn’t have a particularly strong case – and has filed a defamation lawsuit against Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, and Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, by doubting their claimsHowever, he later dropped both cases. There was also a similar case against it Roger Ver, who was abandoned by a British court in May. A lawsuit against podcaster Peter McCormack is still ongoing. McCormack was recently ordered to pay Wright about $ 24,000 in expenses. The investigation process begins on September 4th.

Satoshi’s sister: The movie

Wright isn’t the only member of his family who has ambitions to appear in a movie about crypto. His sister, Lisa n edwards (Who runs a trading group called Satoshi’s sister) is developing a feature film called CoinRunners based on his life as a Bitcoin trader. A fictional film with Scenes Like a Porsche falling from a cliff was suspended until “the coronavirus ends”after a Update May 4th, Edwards.

On other movie news in June, Cointelegraph reported that Hollywood would produce a film based on the book. Bitcoin billionaires With Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss. A recent premiere called Money planeWith Adam Copeland, showed a plot about a robbery rolled into one “bulletproof air casino” Carry a billion dollars in cryptocurrencies.

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