The Federal President invites citizens to be vaccinated at the headquarters of the Presidium

The Austrian Federal President Alexander dan der Bellen invited his citizens to his office in the Hofburg on Saturday to be vaccinated against the corona virus.

“If you have always wanted to see the Hofburg and have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus, come and then I invite you to take a walk through the office of the President,” he said in a video message broadcast on his Twitter account.

For the vaccination appointment on October 26th, the national holiday of the country, interested parties can register online between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. “Visit the ‘Castle of Vaccines’ on October 26th, our national holiday. It’s just a small shovel, but a big gesture.
And I hope to see you there, “said the President in a subsequent statement posted on the Presidency’s website.

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