The FBI warns against using hotel WiFi for work

According to the FBI, hotels have lax security that allows easy exploitation by malicious actors.

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The FBI warns against using hotel WiFi for work
The FBI warns against using hotel WiFi for work

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is concerned about Wi-Fi connectivity in hotels in the United States. So concerned, in fact, that it will ask remote workers to think twice before using it.

The public announcement was released earlier this week and is in response to a growing number of hotels offering daytime room reservations for “guests looking for a quiet, distraction-free work environment”. This works for hotel chains desperate to grow sales during a pandemic where no one is traveling or renting hotel rooms. It’s also very tempting for anyone who teleworks from home from distracted family members all day, especially if the hotel chain is known to have very fast WiFi.

The FBI finds that the attackers are deliberately targeting hotels in order to steal personal information from guests. Many people who access hotel WiFi in a confined space are many potential victims. A “twin evil attack” is typically used to create a malicious alternative wireless network that can be easily mistaken for actual WiFi service. a hotel. Now imagine if you accidentally connect to the malicious network and access a secure work portal all day. This will not end well for anyone but the attacker.

If you intend to use a hotel’s WiFi for work, the FBI ad has a number of signs to look out for to indicate that your device may have been compromised. These include having your mobile device running slowly or self-launching apps, automatic website redirects, pop-up ads that appear more frequently, battery life is much worse than expected, the cursor moves by itself, or you receive a lot more spam emails , Texts or calls. They are all pretty obvious and should ring the alarm bells on your head, but they can easily be overlooked or dismissed while trying to work.

The easiest way to avoid poor hotel WiFi security is to not use it. Use the quiet room, bring your own WiFi a mobile hotspot and a data simulator. Use for extra protection a VPN As suggested by the FBI, always make sure that all security and operating system updates are installed on your devices before you leave home. Alternatively, you can completely forget about renting a hotel room and use the money for it Update your wireless router at home and buy a few Noise-canceling headphones.

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