The favorites at the Casa Rosada vote in a first round without setbacks

Poverty, which four years ago affected 29.2% of the population, now afflicts more than 35 percent of citizens


Argentina could decide this Sunday if it returns to Peronism, or renews Mauricio Macri as president, despite the economic crisis unleashed in early 2018 in the country, in elections that are being developed, for now, without notable incidents.

“We are going to work together for a better country, we and them are over,” said Peronist lawyer Alberto Fernández, a favorite to lead the South American country for the next four years, after exercising his right to vote at the Catholic University of The Argentine capital

The favorites at the Casa Rosada vote in a first round without setbacks
The favorites at the Casa Rosada vote in a first round without setbacks

The leftist leader reminded former president Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007), when nine years after his death. “The day Néstor left, the Argentines are voting. I loved him very much, I love him more and more every day, and I know that, wherever he is, he is helping me,” Fernandez added.

There has been controversy regarding the counting system over the weekend. Judge Judge María Romilda Servini de Cubría ordered that the results of the provisional recount of the elections on Sunday begin to be disseminated when 10 percent of the votes of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe are already scrutinized, as It was already done in the August primaries.

In that appointment, Fernández surpassed 16 points to his rival at the polls, President Mauricio Macri, whose popularity has been hit by the serious economic crisis that arose during his tenure, but who hopes to reach a second round, which would be held at end of November

“These days one is always anxious. I hope we remain in peace. Argentina has a great future ahead,” said Macri after casting his vote in a school in the capital's Palermo neighborhood. “Future visions are played,” added the businessman.

In the streets of Buenos Aires the citizen discontent with politicians has been palpable. “I voted for the tatetí (for Tuntun), because none of them works. I know who are the ones who don't want to vote, who are the important ones, but to not vote blank, I vote for some of the strangers who appear on the ballot. Because there is no one who can help people and there is more poverty, “said Biviana Romero, a social worker, after casting her vote in a school in the center of the capital.

The economic crisis has diminished the purchasing power of the middle and lower classes. The GDP of the South American country will contract at least 3 percent this year, and poverty, which four years ago affected 29.2% of the population, now afflicts more than 35 percent of citizens.

“People are getting used to bonds, to payments to poor people. Before it was not seen and more and more is increasing. Politicians use humble people. Perhaps they give a peso, or two pesos, to keep them voting them, but that is not the solution, “Romero said.

“Within the bad, I am going to vote the bad, but not the worst. I will opt for Macri, because I do not want the past to return. There was a lot of corruption,” the shopkeeper Carlos Mantovani confessed, before exercising his right to vote in The Argentine capital

The South American country will close the year with inflation exceeding 50 percent. The electricity, water and gas bills have risen more than 1,500 percent, in some cases, after the withdrawal of subsidies, generating strong protests in the country. The president maintains, despite these unpopular measures, a voter base exceeding 30 percent.

“I am going to vote for Macri despite the crisis. I reiterate it. It has been many years of corruption. Cristina should be detained, but she is not. She sings, dances … she doesn't care about the country. If Alberto Fernández wins, she, after a while, displaces him. Because the other is a puppet of life, “added Mantovani, referring to former President Cristina Fernández Kirchner (2007-2015), who is running for election as a candidate for vice president in the Peronist ballot.

“My vote is for the Polo Obrero, which helps young people a lot. Among the favorites, I like Fernández more, but to see what is coming, because they never keep their promises,” said Cook, for her part. Stounfo, after casting his vote.

“There has to be more labor. I am 54 years old. If I run out of work, I am not going to get anything. One of my children received more work. And he does not get laburo. He survives from sporadic jobs,” he added. Unemployment affects 10.6 percent of Argentines and 11.8% underemployment, according to official figures.

Some 33.8 million Argentines decide on Sunday their political future for the next four years. Fernández leads Macri in the polls by around 20 points and is a favorite to win in the first round. Avoid voting if it reaches 45 percent of the votes, or if it records at least 40 percent, beating Macri by ten points.

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