The famous Venezuelan artist stops acting to lead the controversial crypto startup

Fernando CarrilloThe experienced Venezuelan actor and singer has announced his retirement from acting. Instead, they chose the cryptocurrency business. As of May 1st, Carrillo will become CEO of Fight to Fame, though his role will only include Mexico and the Latin America region.

According to an article published on April 29 by the Mexican newspaper El Universal, Carrillo will head the Singapore-based cryptocurrency company founded by Morgan Shi. This company is known for issuing the FF token.

The actor sees blockchain technology as “future”

Fernandowho is known for series dramas like “I will always love you” and “Maria Isabel” and films like “Pit Fighter” and “Gone Hollywood”, “plans to marry and start a family to guide his career in the cryptocurrency world“”

The famous Venezuelan artist stops acting to lead the controversial crypto startup
The famous Venezuelan artist stops acting to lead the controversial crypto startup

Carrillo spoke about the token FF and praised his success in Asia. Also believes blockchain technology is the future. As such will work to make the token a direct competitor of Bitcoin (BTC).

Regarding the FF tokens on the Mexican market, the actor commented:

“It’s a world that I get to know, wonderful, and the way you can win you can lose. We will bring 40 million cryptocurrencies to the Mexican market, considering that we sold 37.5 million in Peru (…). Now we want to expand to Latin America. “

A scam?

The founder of Fight to Fame has been the subject of controversy in recent years. Some allegations claim the company is a fraudulent fraud.

According to a 2019 Wall Street Journal report Morgan Shi’s real name is “Shi Jianxiang”, a refugee from the Chinese authorities. He is accused of cheating and making “trillions” of dollars disappear.

At the request of the Chinese government, Interpol released a global notification of the search for Shi in 2017, who accused him of “crime of illegally collecting funds by fraudulent means”. Despite the allegation, an FBI spokeswoman claimed she didn’t have an arrest warrant for Shi.

Carrillo’s defense of Shi

In controversial reports about the legal status of Shi’s activities, Carrillo came to his defense:

“Morgan (Shi) lives in Los Angeles. Communist China persecuted many wealthy people to expropriate their wealth, but he was able to get out of there. If you search for his name online, there will be some allegations that he is being searched by Interpol is, but it’s an montage. Since I’ve worked with him, he’s been a fair person who has brought me knowledge and wealth. I believe in what he does. “

Cointelegraph reported in 2019 that former world boxing champion Mike Tyson refuted his participation in Fight to Fame. The company was indicted by cryptocurrency research and analysis firm Cointelligence, which it called “total fraud.”

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