The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday the Von der Leyen Commission that will start on Sunday without a British commissioner

La futura presidenta de la Comisión Europea, Ursula von der Leyen

The future president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen – Sebastian Gollnow / dpa


The future president of the European Commission, the German conservative Ursula von der Leyen, will receive this Wednesday, unless last minute surprise, the approval of the European Parliament to her College of Commissioners, with the unknown level of support she will receive from MEPs and the legal doubts about a team that will start on December 1 with the empty chair of the British commissioner despite not having produced Brexit yet.

The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday the Von der Leyen Commission that will start on Sunday without a British commissioner
The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday the Von der Leyen Commission that will start on Sunday without a British commissioner

Before the vote in plenary session scheduled for noon, Von der Leyen will participate in a debate in the Euro Chamber to detail his program for the next five years and announce some changes he has granted to political groups to gain support, such as renaming controversial portfolios or reallocate some skills.

Von der Leyen's team has already overcome a first obstacle when the European Chamber vetoed three of its commissioners, those of France, Romania and Hungary, due to doubts about their competences or problems of conflict of interest or, in the case of Gallic, by an investigation linked to an alleged corruption issue of the candidate who did not pass the court, former Defense Minister Sylvie Goulard.

Once the first obstacle has been overcome – which forced his investiture to be delayed by one month – with the incorporation of three alternative candidates for the representation of these three member states, the new Von der Leyen Community Executive will take office next Sunday and will do so being the First Joint Commission in history.

Although the absolute balance was lost with the replacement of the vetted commissioners, the College that will relieve the current Jean-Claude Juncker will have twelve women and 15 men, including the Spanish Josep Borrell, who will occupy a vice presidency and will serve as High Representative of Foreign Policy of the European Union.

Von der Leyen will have eight vice-presidencies in its Executive, although only three of them will have executive power and will be distributed among commissioners of the three main political families in the Eurocamara: Frans Timmermans (Dutch Social Democrat), Margrette Vestager (Danish Liberal) and Valdis Dombrovskis (Latvian conservative).

The new Commission, however, will not have a British commissioner, although the United Kingdom remains a Member State and is therefore obliged to present a candidate. Boris Johnson's government informed Von der Leyen weeks ago that he would not fulfill his obligation because he is in the pre-election period, to which Brussels responded by initiating a disciplinary proceedings.

London maintains that with this decision it is not intended to alter the proper functioning of the European institutions or to curb the investiture of the new Commission, but Brussels has chosen to launch the infringement procedure to try to give greater legal strength to the inauguration without commissioner and warn the United Kingdom that it must continue to comply with the rules as a member of the EU.

The European Parliament’s voting list on Wednesday will, in fact, be presented as a team of 28 but with a blank British representative box, as explained by community sources, relying on the Lisbon Treaty, which says that a resigning commissioner does not It has to be necessarily replaced.

“A Member State cannot have the power to block the European Union,” the legal experts of the Commission defend, recalling that the legal analysis of both the Community Executive and the Council and the Eurocamara endorse the investiture without Britons.

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