The European Chamber vetoes the candidate for commissioner of Macron investigated for a case of fraud

Syrvie Goulard, French candidate for European commissioner – Gabor Kovacs / EU Parliament / dpa

Elíseo believes that Goulard has been the victim of “a political game” and asks to retain the Industry portfolio

The European Chamber has vetoed the candidate for Emmanuel Macron commissioner, Sylvie Goulard, after a second examination this Thursday before the Internal Market and Industry Commissions of the European Parliament.

The European Chamber vetoes the candidate for commissioner of Macron investigated for a case of fraud
The European Chamber vetoes the candidate for commissioner of Macron investigated for a case of fraud

Goulard is being investigated in France and by the community anti-fraud agency (OLAF) for the use of European funds for the fictitious hiring of an assistant when she was MEP by the MoDem center party, a scandal for which she was forced to leave her post of Minister of Defense in France and return 45,000 euros to the European Parliament.

The candidate has been rejected by 82 votes against 29 in her favor and one abstention in a joint vote in the Internal Market and Industry Commissions of the Eurocamara, where it was worth a simple majority to pass.

The groups of the European People's Party, Greens, United Europe Left, Reformists and Conservatives, where Vox is, and Identity and Democracy – where the League, Matteo Salvini, and National Regrouping, of Marine Le Pen – are, have rejected the Candidate, who has only had the full support of her group, the liberals of Renew Europe, while the Socialists and Democrats have been divided, according to various parliamentary sources consulted.

The vote in both commissions has been scheduled to verify that the candidate did not gather the support of two thirds of the votes at the meeting of coordinators or spokespersons of the same.

The veto of the European Parliament to the candidate of Macron, in the absence of the pronouncement of the Conference of Presidents of the Eurocamara, that is, its president David Sassoli and the leaders of the groups, which according to parliamentary sources “will normally respect the vote”, puts the president-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, in serious trouble, whose commission will not be able to assume her mandate as of November 1 as planned.

“This is a real problem. It means that the Commission will not be able to start on November 1,” diplomatic sources told Europa Press.

Goulard has taken “note” of the European Parliament's decision to veto it “in full respect of democracy” and thanked the French President and the President-elect for “their confidence”, as well as the MEPs who have supported him through Your Twitter account

The Elysium has denounced in a statement that Goulard “has been the subject of a political game that affects the entire European Commission” and has advanced that the French president will address with Ursula Von Der Leyen that France retain the proposed portfolio.

The candidate, who aspired to the portfolio of the Internal Market, Industry and Defense, already defended herself during her first hearing before the European Chamber, ensuring that she was “clean” and not “imputed” and, in the additional clarifications she had to send, to the MEPs in writing, after failing to pass the first exam, he made it clear that he would only resign if he was convicted and when there was a “firm” sentence and avoided committing to resign from the European Commission if they were finally charged, as MEPs demanded. , although I would consult with the elected president the steps to follow.

In his second exam, numerous MEPs have criticized the contradictions that he resigns in France because of the scandal but he can be a commissioner and several have launched him if he should not resign his candidacy for responsibility and why he does not commit to resign if he is charged in France and they have also affected that he has not given more explanations about his consulting contract for the Berggruen Institute, an American opinion group, between 2013 and 2016, charging € 13,000 per month, while he was MEP.

Goulard has insisted that he did not resign in France but that he departed from office, that he is not “charged” and has refused to renounce his candidacy, appealing to the “presumption of innocence”, while recalling that the Secretary General of The European Chamber has considered its case “resolved” to defend itself against the numerous criticisms of MEPs.

“I have not been charged, look at the reality of the facts,” said the candidate, who has hoped that the judicial investigation will close soon, although she has been “prudent” because “justice has not been pronounced” yet.

If he were finally charged, he said, “there may obviously be a political responsibility” and therefore he will consult the situation with the elected president, leaving his resignation under his “responsibility”.

Regarding his contract with the US opinion group, Goulard has insisted that the European Parliament “allows” MEPs “to have activity” and has settled that “the ethical issue” is something “more subjective”, while defending that his work focused on “promoting the European idea”, regretting that his “integrity” is questioned.

In his first examination, he already recalled that the Committee of Legal Affairs of the Eurocamara validated his declaration of assets presented, underlining that he declared “everything” and “everything was legal” and although he admitted that his fees were “high sums” but in line with what is paid for this type of “international consulting” work.

Many MEPs have also questioned that they can handle a portfolio as wide as that of the Internal Market, Industry, Defense and Space and have proposed taking away powers over Audiovisual Media.

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