The European Chamber ratifies the divorce agreement with the United Kingdom three days after Brexit

Miembros del Parlamento europeo sostienen bufandas con el lema

Members of the European Parliament hold scarves with the motto “Always united” – Michael Kappeler / dpa

MEPs fire the United Kingdom singing 'Auld Lang Syne' after the vote


The plenary session of the European Parliament on Wednesday approved the ratification of the divorce agreement with the United Kingdom, thus complying with the penultimate formal step to ensure an orderly departure of the British from the European Union this Friday, January 31, in the absence of the Twenty-seven Give the green light this Thursday.

The European Chamber ratifies the divorce agreement with the United Kingdom three days after Brexit
The European Chamber ratifies the divorce agreement with the United Kingdom three days after Brexit

MEPs have approved the terms of the 621 divorce in favor, 49 against and 13 abstentions, in a vote held at the plenary session held in Brussels, the last one to take place with a 751-member Chamber, as as of February 1 it will be reduced to 705 seats with the departure of the British.

After the vote, the plenary session has broken into applause and the MEPs have sung 'Auld Lang Syne', a Scottish poem that is traditionally heard in farewells and commemorations and that is translated as 'by the old days'.

“This is not a goodbye, it is only a see you later,” said the spokesman for the European Parliament for Brexit, the Belgian liberal Guy Verhofstadt, during a previous debate that has served to review the almost fifty years of relationship with the United Kingdom as Member State and warn London that the future framework will depend on its degree of commitment to the common standards so far.

The president of the European Commission, the German conservative Ursula von der Leyen, has hoped that despite their departure from the bloc, the British “will always be part of the family.”

“Only in the agony of farewell we see the depth of love,” said Von der Leyen endorsing a few words of the British writer George Eliot, and then proclaim that the EU “will always” love them and “is never far” from United Kingdom.

All in all, and in the face of the new phase of negotiation to design the definitive relationship, Von der Leyen has warned that “the more the United Kingdom commits itself to respecting our rules that guarantee the equality of competition conditions, the easier and deep will be your access to the European market. ”

Farewell to UK EURO MPs

The debate devoted to Brexit that has preceded the vote has served the British MEPs to say goodbye, with very different tones, to their European colleagues.

The main groups in the Eurocamara have also expressed their readiness for the EU to maintain a future relationship as close as possible, while from the ranks of the EPP, Socialists and Democrat, Liberals and Greens several MEPs have trusted that Brexit has not it is more than a temporary farewell and the United Kingdom returns to be part of the EU at some point.

The Eurosceptic leader of the Brexit Party and MEP since 1999, Nigel Farage, has declared his “hatred of the European Union” and has celebrated the break with the bloc, a message that has contrasted with the words of other Britons like the 'ecologist' Molly Scott Cato who has said goodbye in tears and applauded by his fellow members or the liberal Martin Horwood who, in several EU languages, has closed his speech with a “We will return”.

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