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The EU tells Johnson that it must pay the Brexit bill to start the future relationship “on the right foot”

August 26, 2019


The European Commission has warned Monday the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that “accountability” and fulfilling the commitments made with the EU is “essential” so that both parties can start “on the right foot” a new relationship after the Brexit based on mutual trust.

Brussels has thus stepped out of Johnson's threat of withholding 30,000 million pounds (about 33,000 million euros) from the Brexit bill agreed with the EU to force a renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement, according to the newspaper 'Mail on Sunday 'last Sunday.

“Rather than going to judicial threats, I think it is important to make clear that accountability is essential to start a new relationship with the right foot and based on mutual trust,” said the spokeswoman for the community executive, Mina Andreeva.

The spokeswoman has pointed out, in any case, that this position has not been transferred to the European side, while reiterating that “all the commitments that were assumed by the EU to 28 must be honored” also by London.

“This is especially true in an exit scenario without agreement, in which the United Kingdom would be expected to continue fulfilling the commitments assumed during its membership in the EU,” he stressed.

In addition, Andreeva has asserted that the EU's position at 27 on Brexit “remains unique and united”, something that also happens with respect to the bill that London must pay to the EU when leaving the European club, about 40,000 million of euros.

Johnson's figures are the result of studies by legal experts from the British Government, who believe that in the case of Brexit without an agreement, the United Kingdom would only have to pay 9,000 million pounds because there would be no costs associated with the planned transition period in the May Withdrawal Agreement, repeatedly rejected by the British Parliament.

Johnson has been contrary to a Brexit without agreement, but has warned that if he does not renegotiate and the backstop or emergency plan is eliminated, he will also leave the EU on October 31, without agreement.