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The EToro CEO predicts a market crash “within 3 weeks”.

June 10, 2020

The CEO of a large trading platform has warned of this Another stock market crash will occur in less than a month, and investors should be careful now.

In a series of Tweets from June 11th Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, predicted a decline over the next three weeks.

Assia regarding the stock market: the buyer should be careful

Assia argued that recent equity growth was speculative A correction should be made.

The EToro CEO predicts a market crash “within 3 weeks”.The EToro CEO predicts a market crash “within 3 weeks”.

“There will be a decline very soon (on the stock market), in the next 3 weeks someone who is not sure who will sell / reduce his position and overthrow the markets will become,” he wrote.

Buyers need to be careful. Reservation Emptor. “

The grim alarm comes after weeks of unusually buoyant equity growth, which have increased despite the anti-coronavirus measures and the massive protests in the USA.

At the same time, Bitcoin (BTC) has increasingly “decoupled” from macro-market movements and offers a sustainable port for those who want to escape the risk.

The S P 500 gained around 400 points in May and is now around 3,200 points, less than 200 points below its position in early March. At the height of the decline, the index fell to a low of 2,232 points.

For his part Bitcoin has become the top performing macro activity in the second quarter with a return of over 50%..

Bitcoin vs. SP 500 1-year chart

Bitcoin vs. 1-year chart S P 500. Source: Skew

“Fed by speculation”

As Cointelegraph reported, suspicions of the actions have long come from supporters of Bitcoin who argue that government intervention in the form of buybacks creates artificial competition in the market.

Three months after the initial massive decline in March, these interventions are only gaining momentum;; The latter doubled the size of his European Central Bank’s economic plans.

Meanwhile, Assia paused to indicate that her warning was financial advice to every investor..

“Just for clarification, I think we will (will) have a correction there This recovery appears to be fueled by speculation from private investors. Historically, these peaks end with a correction. “he continued.

“On the other hand, unprecedented amounts of money are printed and interest rates are zero.”