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The Ethereum Foundation forms a team dedicated to the security of ETH 2.0

August 4, 2020

The Ethereum Foundation will assemble a team dedicated to the security of Ethereum 2.0 to investigate potential cyber security and crypto-economy issues in the next generation of the Ethereum network.

Justin Drake, an ETH 2.0 researcher at the foundation, announced the start of the recruitment process in their feed Twitter.

The foundation is looking for employees to a variety of security and auditing experts, both for the software and for the overall model of the next update.

The Ethereum Foundation forms a team dedicated to the security of ETH 2.0The Ethereum Foundation forms a team dedicated to the security of ETH 2.0

The tasks of the potential team include “Fuzzing, bounty hunting, pager service”, that are directly related to the management of software security.

Ethereum client developers have been looking for new Eth 2.0 clients. The effort was led by Sigma Prime, the developers of the Lighthouse customer based in Rust.

Fuzzing is a debugging technique that involves entering junk data into the software to trigger a non-standard response. Many of the errors found on the web today are due to inadequate cleanup of entries, where special types of entries can be interpreted as machine code or simply cause unwanted behavior. This helps to find these critical points and update the code to avoid potentially catastrophic errors.

The security team will also do more theoretical work on formal verification of cryptographic algorithms. This process is intended to prove mathematically that a certain algorithm is safe. The foundation is also looking for experts in economic models.

Strengthen security

With the final preparatory phases for Ethereum 2.0, phase 0, Great importance is now attached to network security.

Recently, The foundation launched special “attack networks” for bounty hunters to try to violate them. With problems before the mainnet starts, developers want to ensure a smooth transition.

This approach has proven to be very successful as several confirmed exploits have been patched. After the success of the program, a multi-client attack network was launched today.

Ethereum Testing Network, medal, was the first to be fully maintained by the community It will start on Tuesday after the required number of validators have been ensured before the deadline.

The core network starts at an unspecified time when the developers are convinced of the stability of the network.

Drake had previously expected this to happen in 2021, although some, like Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, are more optimistic about starting later this year.

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