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The entrepreneur who helps you find the ideal company for you

June 2, 2020

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The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

The entrepreneur who helps you find the ideal company for youThe entrepreneur who helps you find the ideal company for you

The times when people were looking for a job to make money were forgotten. In addition, people today are looking for a place where they can feel happy Identify yourself with the values ​​of the company and find the balance that enables you to reach your full potential and live a fuller life.

It would be ideal to get one job interview and know in advance whether it is a competitive place, whether there is justice and diversity, whether the benefits and rewards are good, whether the differences are resolved quickly or whether you are faced with strenuous bureaucratic processes. In short, if the corporate culture adapts to your own values.

The good news is that there is already a way to have this panorama, and all thanks glass door. It is a platform founded in California, USA in 2008 by Robert Hohman, Rich Barton and Tim Besse, three Microsoft graduates. It is not only a job exchange, but also helps to create transparency. What happens in companies? This way, people can make better career decisions.

“At Glassdoor, anyone can submit a review of the company, including questions about wages, the environment, growth opportunities, talent incentives, and quality leadership,” he explains. Luciana Caletti, Founder of Love Montags and vice president of Glassdoor for Latin America.

World class entrepreneurs

Luciana is Brazilian and the daughter of enterprising parents. Since childhood she wanted to be a businesswoman. He studied law at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and an MBA in Oxford, USA. Before starting his own business, he wanted to experience the corporate world completely.

He worked for Johnson Johnson and Capgemini Consulting in the UK and for the Brazilian consulate in London. He also had almost a year of experience in Just Shoot It in Dubai.

After not being in her country for 10 years, Luciana discovered her passion to help people make better career decisions with the firm idea: “If you love your job and find the right place for you, you can do all of your goals achieve potential and have a fuller life. “

In 2013 she returned to her home country, where there was a great entrepreneurial wave, and she recognized the cultural change in which people looking for a job also wanted to find a place where they could feel happy in their work environment.

“People wanted more information, but they found out what a company was like until they were there, and not before, which wasn’t helpful in the decision-making process,” he says. After realizing this need, she partnered with Dave Curran and Shane O’Grady and, inspired by Glassdoor, the largest company of its kind in the world, founded her own company. Dear Monday.


It was the first Latin American platform to share information about wages and job satisfaction. Love Mondays was closely linked to the trend in the workplace: transparency and fairness. And his success was no less. It has been selected twice as the best startup in Latin America for Latin America Startup Challenge.

In 2017, Love Montag started expanding in Latin America and reached Mexico and Argentina. “We chose Mexico as the second market because it is the country with the second largest GDP in Latin America and because we are also seeing changes in working culture,” said the respondent.

In mid-last year, Glassdoor decided to integrate them through the creation of the Glassdoor Latin America brand to unprecedentedly expand and influence career choices and the recruitment market. There Luciana took over the vice presidency of the company.

Achieve fairness

But how do you achieve the transparency and fairness that Glassdoor promises? The platform uses those who know companies best: their employees. On this platform are collected anonymous reviews where employees share their experiences regarding their work environment, wages, opportunities and what they like and dislike about the culture of their company or the balance between life and work, so that they can create profiles and Ratings of the individual companies.

“The idea is that the ratings are balanced. Therefore we ask the registered persons to put at least one positive and one negative point for each company. Companies also have a right of return, ”explains Luciana.

In addition to gathering opinions from companies, this platform has become a central point for attracting talent and a job bank where a person not only finds a description of positions and vacancies, but also information that helps them to improve professional decisions.

For example, in Glassdoor you can know how much a consultant for a particular company makes. You will also learn how the interview process works, because those candidates who have gone through one of them have the opportunity to share their experiences or to say whether they have received feedback or not.

“This way, you can know what to expect from a company and open your eyes to a selection process because if you arrive with the wrong expectations, it’s not good for you or for the company. Companies also want a happy person because happy people are productive people, “says Luciana.

Break plans

That people could leave hers Opinion anonymously For many companies, it was shocking not to have any requirements other than first-hand registration and sharing of information. “They asked themselves why they place their jobs in a place where employees can speak about me well or badly,” recalls the entrepreneur.

Luciana explains that we are so used to the transparency of social networks that we overlook how we can use this transparency professionally. So whether your work environment is good or bad depends on who you are as a professional.

That you can judge that a company works until 9 a.m. and takes long processes is not too bad, as it saves time and money that is invested in candidates who ultimately leave, which is not good for anyone.

Glassdoor works with two models and groups. The first is that where all content is free for candidates, but they must publish their review to access the indicator. In other words, they have to share their experiences. If they are students, they can tell how they have lived some interview. After that, you can get information on 47 million opinions in companies around the world.

The second group is related to companies that work with Glassdoor to attract talent through the platform. “They are usually the ones who hire professionals and understand that they have to show what they are like as an employer and build theirs Employability brandingSays the entrepreneur.

Warning, says Luciana, we’re not talking about companies that need more inquiries. If you post a vacancy today, you’ll get hundreds. “The problem is finding the right people, not only from a technical point of view, but also from a cultural point of view. Anyone looking for a job at Glassdoor looks at all of this information to decide if it’s the right place for them or not, ”he explains.

Company data shows that candidates hired by Glassdoor have a 30% higher retention rate, precisely because they reach people with the right expectations.

In Mexico, companies started joining this second group after taking over Love Montags. The reason was that the platform first has to generate a critical mass of users and collect content. Once this was done, the companies started to publish their vacancies.

The platform was well received in the country, says Luciana, who expects a little of what the company will see in the coming years: “People like content. Once they find out, they love it and really take part. The next step is that Glassdoor is the place for those going through a career transition, both to find work and to make an informed career decision. “