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The entrepreneur who didn’t match Shark Tank Mexico’s investment but went viral on social networks

September 1, 2020

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  • The entrepreneur asked for 3 million pesos for 25% of his business.
  • GWI is an emergency alarm bracelet.
The entrepreneur who didn’t match Shark Tank Mexico’s investment but went viral on social networksThe entrepreneur who didn’t match Shark Tank Mexico’s investment but went viral on social networks

It all started in 2016 when Jorge Ortiz and his partners attended Pitch to Rich A competition that gave them the opportunity to submit their idea no more and no less than Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. Then GWIThe security bracelet company was just an underdeveloped project.

“This year, after a wave of femicides in Mexico, the Prime Minister of Mexico City started whistling women to warn them if they were in a dangerous situation and we said the initiative is good, but we Want to make something more digital, not much has been said about the topic of the bracelet. In fact, that’s where the name GWI comes from, ”says Jorge Ortiz, founder of GWI, in an interview for in Spanish.

Guardian Whistle (Guardian Whistle) GWI, for its acronym in English, is an alarm bracelet that works with Bluetooth technology and can connect to your cell phone through an application called GWI Alert so that in an emergency you can notify your friends or family that you are in one dangerous situation.

“The application acts as a family finder where you can add your trusted contacts. In an emergency, all you have to do is three clicks on your wristband to send a real-time notification of your location so that your contacts can see where you are at any time and how you move, ”explains Ortiz.

For the location to work, you must be within 30 meters of your mobile phone, which must have data or internet access. However, if you lose your cell phone for any reason, the bracelet will continue to send the signal. If you are around someone who also has the application, it will be received so that your location can be triangulated.

Photo: Courtesy Shark Tank México.

“We founded the GWI community. If your phone runs out of battery or is thrown or thrown, your bracelet will send out the signal. If it’s near a phone that has the application installed, thank you for this user we can triangulate your position in an emergency, ”says Ortiz.

Introduced in 2019, the goal of the bracelet is to reduce the response time you have in an emergency situation where you cannot take your phone out to activate your contacts or send an alert to them.

Although it was difficult for three engineers, technological development experts, to deal with marketing and sales issues, Ortiz’s product has just opened its international shipments today, available throughout Latin America, the United States and Canada.

The third time is the stimulus

The technology company had already applied twice to participate Shark Tank México which airs every Friday at 10:00 p.m. on Canal Sony, and in each of them he went one step further in the interviews.

Jorge Ortiz at Shark Tank México. Photo: Courtesy Shark Tank México.

“As they say, the third is the appeal, we are going to the third year and we passed the interviews and made it to the Shark Tank. I think the idea and the product were even more solid and helped us to be good in the program, ”says Ortiz.

The entrepreneur asked for two million pesos in return for 25% of his business. However, the sharks were not convinced, especially because there are similar products or it is a very reproducible idea.

“With GWI we want to create a brand and a symbol of unity. We do not want to be another alarm button among people who suffer from insecurity. We want to be the symbol that unites us to help someone else and not to be indifferent to the situation we have, ”says Ortiz.

The entrepreneur confirms that the “NO” will always serve us, that he and his team also have a lot more to learn from people like the sharks from Shark Tank.

The boom at TikTok

In February 2020, Mexico was full of outrage after the murder of a 6-year-old girl in the country’s capital. This fact caused a national uproar along with the other femicides occurring in the Aztec land that spawned the 9M movement.

After almost a month of admission for Shark tank, a video on the bracelet’s TikTok went viral. “On that day I’ll never forget it was February 17th. A video we uploaded to TikTok was compiled of a situation that had just happened in the country where a girl went missing in front of a school That feeling of helplessness that existed in Mexico was combined with the video that we uploaded to TikTok which managed to empathize with a lot of people and influencers started republishing us . “

Now they have just opened their international sales for Latin America, the USA and Canada, but for the following year they plan to introduce another product with which they want to offer better service. They also want to explore the market by offering corporate security or alarm products.

“As an entrepreneur, the best thing to do is have confidence in yourself, your team and your product, not miss out on opportunities, and take the risk of saying yes,” he concludes.

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