The Ecuadorian startup Kushki has Mexico in its sights

Ecuador-based startup Kushki will consider Mexico a priority. This was reported by Forbes Mexico in an article talking about this fintech that was published on August 5th.

“The pandemic that triggered the Covid-19 does not scare the Latin American financial technology startup Kushki In the midst of all this, it has kept growing. And the fact is that, despite all the difficulties that the health crisis has brought with it, the company has brought with it opportunities this year 2020 that have enabled it not only in its country of origin Ecuador, but also in countries like Colombia to develop further and Chile, where it is also present “, they explained in the publication.

Forbes Mexico quotes Sebastián Castro, founder of the startup, who said: “For some time we have seen a very big opportunity for development in Mexico, but we didn’t make the leap until this year when we were finally able to open our office in the country.”

The Ecuadorian startup Kushki has Mexico in its sights
The Ecuadorian startup Kushki has Mexico in its sights

The founder of Kushki stated that they are primarily interested in Mexico, not only because of its size as a market, but also because they believe there is potential for currency development in that country.

“”We really see that there is an important opportunity to grow in Mexico. Because while it is true that there are already a good number of payment service companies in the country, they don’t even bring together 4% of all payments made in the area because what is happening here is that most of them are still offline, ”he explained .

In the current scenario, they will focus their efforts on this market, which is supported by Dila Capital among others.

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