The economic cycle of pockets

There must be a mental and business opening to change old paradigms before the Covid-19.

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The economic cycle of pockets
The economic cycle of pockets

We live in a complicated time, the economic activity of many industries has stopped in a high percentage or has suffered a drastic decrease in its operation; However, this affectation that is experienced is a great area of ‚Äč‚Äčopportunity for all sectors. Inclusion and technological adaptability must be essential to subsist in a society that gradually adopts these new consumption habits.

The quarantine that we experience forces us to rethink the scenarios and emergency plans that we must have. We must remember that the economic cycle is a chain and we all depend on everyone, it doesn't matter if you are a startup, a large corporate or have a small business in your neighborhood; Maintaining and sustaining a company in the current situation is not easy, but if we leverage technology we can safeguard income on a stable level and therefore the current flow of resources in order to sustain the maximum economic capacity of each collaborator.

We observe many sectors that out of necessity had to take the technological step, home deliveries have had an exponential increase, from mobile applications to services in super markets, all have seen growth that, possibly at the end of #StayInHome, will rethink the way in which we buy or acquire products or services.

I am aware that one of the main challenges facing the industry in general is subsisting with current tools, commented that if companies manage to have a symbiosis between traditional models in conjunction with technological tools, they will be able to sustain the level of income and the level consumption will remain as stable as possible.

Much has been mentioned about the fiscal stimuli that private initiative requires and I will not deny that they are necessary to cope with the situation of Covid-19, however, I believe that it is essential to take advantage of all the tools that are within our reach to survive. if there is a mental and business opening to change old paradigms, it is a door that opens this pandemic and a solution for various problems that plague the world's great cities.

We must not forget that the economic cycle is an immense cog; If we have a false movement, many people may see their income affected, we must not forget the small sectors such as the businesses in the neighborhood where you live, it is not enough to grant wholesale loans, what is needed is that the workforce remains as intact as possible with the usual level of income so that they continue to reactivate each other and not stop.

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