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The DUP will defend that it is up to Northern Ireland to choose which EU laws apply in its territory

September 13, 2019

BELFAST, Sep. 13 (Reuters / EP) –

The Unionist Democratic Party, the largest Norwegian political formation, has stressed this Friday that it will reject the imposition of European Union regulations in the Ulster for understanding that it is up to the regional legislative chamber to adopt such decisions.

“The only different agreements we will accept for Northern Ireland are those in which the Assembly has full scrutiny of any European Union norm,” DUP spokesman Sammy Gilson said in statements to BBC radio.

“In those situations, we will study adopting the appropriate legislation if we believe it is a breakthrough for the Northern Ireland industry,” said the DUP spokesman, a formation that supports the Prime Minister’s government, Boris Johnson, although it maintains differences in terms of to the Brexit process.

Wilson has made these statements after the newspaper 'The Times' reported that the DUP has accepted that the Ulster is subject to some laws of the European Union after Brexit in the framework of a pact to replace the border safeguard, the plan emergency designed to ensure that a hard border between the two Irlandas is not recovered in the Brexit transition process.