The DIDI project opens a call for proposals for self-sovereign digital identity

The DIDI (Digital Identity for Inclusion) project, an initiative of the IDB Group’s innovation laboratory (IDB Lab) and the DECODES Civil Association (Bitcoin Argentina), announced the start of a regional call for proposals to implement new cases of the self-sovereign digital identity model .

The winning projects, which are designed to contribute to civil and economic inclusion in Latin American and Caribbean countries, will be funded between $ 10,000 and $ 50,000.

“After the excellent effect of the appeal that we made in Argentina as part of the DIDI project together with BID Lab, the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, LACChain and RSK, we would like to start a new competition for other countries in the region with the aim of that our model Identity Technology continues to grow, ”explained Javier Madariaga, Director of the DIDI project.

The DIDI project opens a call for proposals for self-sovereign digital identity
The DIDI project opens a call for proposals for self-sovereign digital identity

The convocation, who has special support from LACChain, the Global Alliance for the Development of the Blockchain Ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean, The aim is that public, private and non-profit organizations and institutions that offer financial or social services can integrate and implement the ai · di mobile app developed by Proyecto DIDI in their work processes. The models to be implemented are open source and a license for free use.

“Self-sovereign digital identity models in blockchain, like ours, mean empowering people to manage and use their personal data, privacy and security, compared to traditional identity models where the information is taken from the users Companies and institutions centralized, which they can use for other purposes and purposes ”, they confirmed by a declaration of the DIDI project.

And they added: “The concept of self-sovereignty should not be misinterpreted with the understanding that it will be individuals who identify themselves and generate their own proof of identity. Vice versa, The call is intended to strengthen the public administrations and responsible bodies to identify individuals using new international standards such as verifiable credentials or decentralized identifiers, as well as new technologies such as digital wallets or blockchain networks that allow individuals to store and manage their information and personal data “.

With that in mind, Madariaga highlighted “the tremendous potential this technological solution offers for both organizations and individuals,” due to the benefits it offers in terms of inclusion, digitization, lower transaction costs and information verification processes “.

Call and awards

The call ends June 15th. Proposals can be submitted jointly between an organization and a technology partner.

There are two types of prizes: one for $ 10,000 and one for $ 10,000 to $ 50,000.

It emerged from the DIDI project that group and individual webinars are held for institutions interested in participating. All applications are evaluated by a selection committee made up of members from the various calling organizations.

The registration form for participation can be found on the competition website. Interested parties can enter here.

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