The Democratic Party will probe the possibility of forming a government with the M5S in Italy

Salvini insists on the electoral advance and says that the M5S has a lot of “stomach” to now ally with the PD


The national leadership of the Democratic Party, the main opposition force currently in Italy, has unanimously authorized its leader, Nicola Zingaretti, to explore the possibility of forming a government with the 5-Star Movement (M5S) after the rupture of its alliance with Matteo Salvini League.

In his speech, Zingaretti has raised the possibility of “verifying another possible parliamentary majority in this legislature” with the antisystem of the M5S, defending that it must be “a new majority in a position to give true and serious answers to the country's problems”.

The Democratic Party will probe the possibility of forming a government with the M5S in Italy
The Democratic Party will probe the possibility of forming a government with the M5S in Italy

“I do not believe in the solution of a transitional government that assumes the weight of the budget and takes the country to the polls after a few months,” he warned, stressing that “it would be dangerous for the Democrats and harmful for Italy,” according to the AdnKronos agency.

The PD leader has set five conditions for an agreement with those of Luigi di Maio. “Endeavor and legal belonging to the EU for a deeply renewed Europe, a Europe of rights, freedoms, solidarity,” said the leader of the PD.

Also, the M5S, the PD must demand “full recognition of representative democracy”, “development based on environmental sustainability”, “change in the management of migration flows, with full prominence in Europe”, and “a change in the economic and social recipes, in redistributive key, that opens an investment phase, “he said.


Zingaretti has recognized that there will be differences to overcome in the negotiation. “I have never demonized the M5S but let's not pretend that the differences have disappeared, we must work on the contents,” he stressed during his speech, ensuring that he will carry out the consultations “with total personal disinterest” and in a transparent way.

At the end of the meeting, several party leaders have celebrated the unity shown around their leader. “The PD united around Zingaretti. This is good news,” former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni wrote on his Twitter.

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi also spoke during the day, who in recent days has become one of the main defenders of the eventual agreement with the M5S. Renzi has once again ruled out his possible participation in that coalition. “If there is a person who must not enter, it is me. I have no availability or ambition,” he said.


Meanwhile, the M5S has not yet adopted an official position in this regard. In a statement, the formation of Di Maio has said that given the delicate situation he prefers to “wait for the result of the consultations” that will be carried out from Wednesday the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

However, he took the opportunity to remember that it is “the first party in Parliament, with a relative majority.” “Tomorrow we will transfer our assessments, now is the time for respect for institutions,” said the M5S.

However, some of its leaders have already implied that good alliance with the PD. “I am in favor of a legislature government that allows us to fulfill our program as much as possible,” said Senator Mario Michele Giarrusso, who also advocates the continuation of Giuseppe Conte as prime minister.

However, according to sources consulted by AdnKronos, Conte is not willing to continue leading a coalition between the M5S and the PD. The prime minister announced his resignation on Tuesday after the government crisis caused by Salvini.

The leader of the League has indicated that when he meets Mattarella “he will ask him to go to elections” and has accused the rest of the parties of “thinking about the armchairs and the ministries” while his formation “thinks about the future”.

Likewise, on the possible alliance between the M5S and the PD, he has affirmed: “I will not be able to pass Renzi in a week of the League, therefore I envy those who have so much stomach.”

Asked by journalists on his arrival in Parliament if he has spoken with his allies, including Silvio Berlusconi, Salvini has replied that they are first reflecting as a party and that he has already maintained contacts with governors and mayors and now will do so with parliamentarians.

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