The declared cryptocurrency rose 50%, outperforming DeFi coins

The price decline (DCR) rose sharply yesterday. This has been confirmed to Cointelegraph in Spanish and by Decred in Spanish. “Taking into account the data from Coin Gecko, the price of the coin had risen 50% in 24 hours,” they said.

“In November of this year, the coin reached its highest price since autumn 2018. The DCR has risen by more than 250% from its multi-month low of almost 11% a few weeks ago in October. ” they later added.

Considering Decred en Español emphasized that the Decred currency remains a top performing digital asset in the top 100.

The declared cryptocurrency rose 50%, outperforming DeFi coins
The declared cryptocurrency rose 50%, outperforming DeFi coins

“It clearly outperformed Bitcoin with a plus of 2% and ETH with a plus of 0.3%,” they stated.

New in Decred

What’s new at Decred? What is expected for the near future? From Decred in Spanish they stated that The recent launch of DEX has taken crypto traders by surprise, offering an alternative with no KYC, no intermediaries, and no charges to operate the service.

On the other hand, they pointed out that there is a good chance the DCR will stay a little higher.

About Decred

Decred is a cryptocurrency with its own hybrid blockchain, a proof-of-stake component and a proof-of-work component.

The Decred network, launched in 2016, included Bitcoin components such as the transaction and block-based blockchain, the 21 million limit and the proof-of-work mining system. However, this differed in that it included network governance systems that allow users with DCR to participate in decision-making.

A treasury in turn collects part of the generated DCR and enables it to finance projects without being dependent on investors or companies.

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