The death toll in Gaza rises to 197 when Israel announces an attack on nine Hamas commanders’ homes

Israel announces “generalized” attack on Gaza and denounces the launch of more than 100 rockets

Hamas insists that a ceasefire will take place “on Palestinian terms” rather than “on Israeli terms”.

The Israeli army has announced that it will launch “generalized” attacks on “terrorist targets across the Gaza Strip,” including attacking nine Hamas commanders’ homes while denouncing the launch of more than 100 rockets and death tolls from Gaza 197

The death toll in Gaza rises to 197 when Israel announces an attack on nine Hamas commanders’ homes
The death toll in Gaza rises to 197 when Israel announces an attack on nine Hamas commanders’ homes

The Israeli bombings this morning on Monday were centered on the Al Shifa Medical Complex as well as the Ansar complex near Abrah Al Maqousi, a four-story house near the Al Hospital Shifa building, as well as main and secondary streets, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA in the districts of Al Rimal, Tal Al Hawa, Sheikh Ajlin and the western region of the Al-Zaitoun district.

The recent wave of fire has left several casualties, although authorities have not yet provided the exact number, while medical teams are struggling to access the sites where the rockets were hit and transfer the injured due to road destruction.

In addition, these starts severely damaged the power lines from the power plant to Gaza City and caused blackouts in large parts.

For its part, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported that they bombed a Hamas intelligence center and nine Hamas commanders’ homes in a joint operation between the air force and the armed forces cyber defense unit.

“The houses that were attacked were used as terrorist infrastructure, and some of the houses even found weapons depots,” the IDF said on Twitter, where they said one of them was that of the commander of the Beit Hanun battalion and the commanders of Beit Hanoun Company , that of the commander of Gaza City Company and that of the commander of the Al-Shati Brigade Company.

A house in Shejaiya used by Hamas military intelligence was also hit by the Israeli attack, as was a tunnel dug by Hamas near a kindergarten and mosque, as indicated by the army that denounced the building. “It shows once again how the Hamas terrorist organization consciously puts its military assets at the center of the civilian population.”

He insisted that the Israel Defense Forces “take as many precautions as possible to reduce the possible harm to civilians during their military activities”.

On the other hand, the rocket alarms in Israel have also triggered in Ashkelon and in the communities around Netivot and Gaza, reports “The Times of Israel”, while rockets are still being fired from Gaza to Beersheba.

However, after a three-hour break on the night when the Israeli army took the opportunity to attack Gaza, sirens sounded again in southern Israel and in the city of Kerem Shalom, a border town with Gaza.

At least 197 Palestinians have died in Gaza, 58 of them minors, since the Israeli bombings began in retaliation for the launching of rockets against Israeli territory. This emerges from the latest assessment by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. In addition, 21 dead in the West Bank from shots by the Israeli security forces.

On the other hand, the number of people injured in the clashes is 1,235 in Gaza and 4,360 in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, WAFA reports. In East Jerusalem, police arrested seven Israelis this Sunday for allegedly involved in a shooting against Palestinians in which two were injured in Beit Hanina.

Police said Palestinians had caused rioting, throwing stones and throwing Molotov cocktails in the neighborhood before the shooting, while two Jewish-owned vehicles were set on fire in another Abu Tor neighborhood, reports The Times of Israel . .

In addition, according to WAFA, the Israeli security forces closed the Seij Jarrá district with concrete blocks. Aside from the incidents recorded in Jerusalem between Palestinians and Israelis, clashes occurred in other cities, such as Hebron. A group of Israelis fired living fire on Palestinian houses.


Regarding international mediation to try to reduce tension and the escalation of violence, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced this Sunday that he had spoken to Egyptian Foreign Minister Samé Shoukry.

As Biden himself stated, he has delegated to Shoukry the need for “all parties to ease tension” as “the violence must end immediately”. Egypt has tried on previous occasions to act as a mediator between the two parties to reach a ceasefire, although talks with Israel have been thwarted by the refusal to enter into dialogue.

As reported by the US State Department, Blinken has also discussed the matter with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian, with whom he has reaffirmed his commitment as a partner “in the region to achieve calm,” as well as with the Deputy Prime Minister and The Qatari Foreign Minister Mohamed Bin Abdulrahman Al Zani.

Both representatives discussed “efforts to restore calm in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the face of the tragic loss of civilian life,” while Faisal bin Farhan also “addressed the persistent problems with Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan has “made efforts to ease tension and end the current violence. “

United States President Joe Biden has also referred to the matter, who through a video in celebration of the Eid al Fitr holiday, has insisted that his government “will continue to involve Palestinians, Israelis and other partners in order to create a working towards calm and sustained calm “.

“Palestinians and Israelis alike deserve to live in conditions of security and enjoy equal levels of freedom, prosperity and democracy,” he added.

Regarding a possible ceasefire, Hamas Deputy Chief Abu Marzouk has given assurances that the talks have taken place but have not been effective because if they do take place they will be held on Palestinian terms and “not in accordance with the terms of the agreement.” . the Israeli occupation, “notes the Maan agency.

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