The death toll in gang clashes rose to 30 at a prison in Ecuador

The authorities who regained control of the prison are reactivating security protocols in the face of new unrest

At least 30 prisoners died and 47 were injured in gang clashes this Tuesday in a prison in Ecuador’s Guayas province, according to the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Persons with Imprisonment (SNAI) and the Ecuadorian police.

The death toll in gang clashes rose to 30 at a prison in Ecuador
The death toll in gang clashes rose to 30 at a prison in Ecuador

The riot began this Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. (local time) in the number 1 detention center in the provincial capital Guayaquil with firearms detonations and explosions in several pavilions as part of a confrontation with criminal gangs.

Authorities have activated security protocols and evacuated the prison’s administrative staff, while also setting up a crisis committee from the National Police and SNAI to deal with the situation.

At around 10:40 a.m. (local time), around 400 soldiers entered the center, who managed to regain control of the prison after more than three hours. However, around 11.30 p.m., the police re-activated the security protocol with tactical units in the prison to detect new clashes.

So far, 30 prisoners have died in the course of the unrest, five of them beheaded and 47 injured, according to a current police report in the Ecuadorian newspaper “El Universo”. The first SNAI report pointed to 24 deaths, increasing the death toll.

In addition, two police officers were injured while taking over the prison, for whom they were transferred to hospital centers and are “out of danger,” according to Zone 8 police commander Fausto Buenaño.

According to the police, inmates of pavilions 8 and 9 attacked the inmates of pavilion 5 of this prison. Specifically, according to preliminary investigations, it was “Los Choneros”, “Los Lagartos” and “Los Tiguerones”.

During the riot, the Ecuadorian Transport Commission (CTE) restricted traffic in the area to facilitate the action of the police and military units that are on the ground.

Nearby shops have also closed their doors and passers-by have sought refuge because bullets lost in the clashes in the prison had left the premises, reports ‘El Universo’.

The Guayas Prosecutor’s Office has reported that they have opened an investigation into the deaths of the inmates.


More than a hundred people have died in the country’s seven prisons so far this year, with one of the largest massacres on February 23 in Libertad Zonal 8 and Sierra Centro Norte prisons in Cotopaxi province and in Cuenca. in Azuay Province, resulting in 80 lifeless prisoners.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in the country’s prison system in July and changed the director of the SNAI and opted for Fausto Cobo.

The Ecuadorian President appointed Cobo as the new director of the Strategic Intelligence Center this Monday, so that Colonel Bolívar Garzón, former head of the Cotopaxi prison, has now been appointed head of the SNAI, reports the Ecuadorian newspaper “Trade”.

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