The date for cloning plants is October 20th

The Plant vs Undead game is slated to take place on October 20th to clone NFT plants from Plant vs Undead before the new PvP mode kicks off.

They highlighted this through an official Plant vs Undead channel PvP mode is almost done and they decided to remind users of some issues.

â ???? Primarily the cloning date of the plant is October 20, 2021. Do not forget to take your plants to be cloned from the market and that the server will also be inactive for a long time until all plants are cloned, ”they explained.

Information on PvP mode

The date for cloning plants is October 20th
The date for cloning plants is October 20th

PVU: The PvP mode is only started in the non-rated mode. This is – as they clarified – so that the matchmaking classification system can be controlled and improved based on the data of the players’ games.

The reward for unranked games will be new NFT items that can be used to transform into new NFT plants (they also made it clear that these new items are not seeds).

The rank mode is started after the beta test with a seasonal format and the rank is reset after each season.

The rewards for every victory in ranked mode are FPVU. However, the number of FPVUs depends on the range.

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