The Danish government will not take part in the Beijing Winter Olympics

The Danish government announced this Friday evening that due to the “general situation” of human rights in China, it will not participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held next month.

The Danish authorities have announced that they do not intend to send an official representative to Beijing, which is why no representative of the government or the royal family will attend the sporting event, according to the newspaper Berligske.

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod attended a meeting with European Union ministers this Friday to try to find “a common line” on the event: “Each country has made different decisions about how to proceed. But a number of like-minded countries, both inside and outside Europe, have sort of decided against political participation,” he stressed.

The Danish government will not take part in the Beijing Winter Olympics
The Danish government will not take part in the Beijing Winter Olympics

In this sense, Kofod has reiterated that Denmark is concerned about the “general” human rights situation in China, mainly due to the violations committed against the Uyghur minority. For this reason it has confirmed that Denmark will not send any official representatives to the sporting event.

“Although the government will not participate, the Danish athletes can still participate. You can count on the full support of the government. And we will cheer for them like we usually do, but we will do it from home and not from the bars in Beijing,” he concluded. Kofod, according to Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten.

The Netherlands joined the diplomatic boycott this Friday, claiming that the presence of Dutch spectators is not allowed due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, according to a foreign ministry source.

The first to announce the diplomatic boycott was the United States government, when it argued in December last year that it would not participate in the Olympics because of alleged human rights abuses that China would be committing against the U.S., for example the Uyghur ethnic group, Muslim minority, in the Xinjiang region.

Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Germany soon followed. After announcing the boycott, Beijing accused Washington of organizing “a farce” since “no invitation was extended” and urged them “to refrain from politicizing sport and these “erroneous acts that disrupt the Olympics”. , to stop.

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