The Cryptocurrency Users Association based in Granada – Spain is formed

In Granada – Spain, the Association of Cryptocurrency Users was founded under the leadership of lawyer Carlos Aránguez with the aim of providing services to provide knowledge about cryptocurrencies and to protect all users. Spanish speaking digital currency expert.

The objectives of this new entity so far are to be achieved through the creation of a series of events suitable for the occasion and led by experts on the subject, events such as: congresses, courses, seminars and conferences.

With this series of events, the Cryptocurrency Users Association aims to impart knowledge by addressing issues related to blockchain technology such as tokens, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and DeFi.

The Cryptocurrency Users Association based in Granada – Spain is formed
The Cryptocurrency Users Association based in Granada – Spain is formed

“Cryptocurrencies are the only disruptive technology introduced into payment methods since the invention of credit cards. Currently, the lack of regulation creates a huge lack of protection for users. Unity makes strength, and that is why the association wants to close this gap in social and legal terms.” Aránguez explained, according to the web portal of The newspaper.

Likewise, Carlos Aránguez has used his position and knowledge as a lawyer and integrated the legal part into this project, in which the participants will have the opportunity to get advice regarding their rights as consumers and this will also help them to how to avoid becoming a victim of injustice in the environment.

In the same line, the institution for promoting interest in legal issues such as commercial criminal law, jurisprudence and others; will hold competitions based on research on these topics and as with any competition, they will have their respective prizes.

Carlos Aránguez has his own law firm, Aránguez Abogados, of which he is the director, and apart from that he is dedicated to defending victims of illegal acts such as pyramid schemes related to cryptocurrencies that have taken place in Spain. This may justify the fact that the Cryptocurrency Users Association is trying to make public allegations of illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies. All this with the intention of defending victims.

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