The coup leader confirms that Hamdok is “the first candidate” to lead Sudan’s next government

Sudan’s coup leader and President of the Sovereign Transitional Council, Abdelfatá al Burhan, has promised “as soon as possible” to form a new government in the country that will achieve “justice, freedom and peace” and has reiterated that the Prime Minister will resign from the Transitional Council Abdalá Hamdok is “the first candidate” to lead him.

In a statement on Sudanese television, Al Burhan declared that the new cabinet and the Sovereign Council would be formed “with the participation of all regions” and declared that Hamdok was still a “candidate for the next government”, Sudan Ajbar gathers .

The coup leader confirms that Hamdok is “the first candidate” to lead Sudan’s next government
The coup leader confirms that Hamdok is “the first candidate” to lead Sudan’s next government

“The new government of Sudan will not accept anyone who belongs to a political party (…) We welcome any partnership between the military component and the civil component (…) but not with the Freedom Forces and the Change,” said the coup leader in relation to the political coalition.

On the flip side, Al Burhan has admitted that he offered Hamdok to participate in the military decisions made on Monday, but that the political forces have interrupted the bilateral agreement with the prime minister.

“All ministers of the previous government worked according to the guidelines of their party, not even the prime minister could stop him (…) They used to make unilateral decisions,” he criticized.

It also regretted that within two years the transitional government was unable to resolve pending issues such as the establishment of a parliament and the constitutional court. He confessed that these steps by the political authorities were viewed with “sadness and pain” by the armed forces.

“Negotiations are ongoing with Hamdok about his participation in the next government (…) and we offer him to end the trip with us (…) We have paved the way,” he said.

For his part, Hamdok recently called for the detainees to be released and for cabinet members to be elected as a prerequisite for restoring cooperation and coordination between civil and military forces.

These demands, aimed at Hamdok’s continuity in the office of Sudan’s prime minister, were detailed in a mediation led by the UN envoy in the country and the Saudi ambassador in Khartoum, according to a country security source, Sudan Ajbar.

On the other hand, Al Burhan is convinced that the decision made at the beginning of the week is the right one and is ready to continue to “make bills” in the future if the new authorities make a mistake.

“It is the blood of the martyrs and wounded that has led us to correct the course of the revolution,” he said in a statement in which he said he felt confident in his step and was ready to “draw up accounts. “when” a mistake is made. “” We stand by our actions, “he said.

As the coup leader stated in a statement, the December Independent Revolutionary Movement and the coalition of revolutionary blocs have expressed their hope that the slogans of the revolution that began in December 2018 will be achieved.

Because of this confidence, the President of the Transitional Sovereign Council has called for “monitoring mechanisms” to be set up, which are “deemed appropriate”, to assess the steps taken by the next Sudanese cabinet.

In this context, the coup leader has guaranteed that the new executive will advance through a civil transition to holding “free and fair” elections that will guarantee “a dignified life” to all Sudanese.

Since Monday’s coup, the authority imposed by Al Burhan has focused on cutting off information channels and restricting the flow of the Internet.

In this context, the military has recognized that the Internet will be accessible again “in phases” as long as the media publications are assumed to be “telling the truth,” as the BBC reports.

State television is now dominated by appearances by Al Burhan and his embassies to the nation, punctuated by the broadcast of patriotic and cultural music, while the SUNA agency’s website has not been updated since the day before the coup.

The President of the Sovereign Transitional Council, who is also Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, announced on Monday that this body and the transitional government would be dissolved on the occasion of the coup and at the same time imposed a state of emergency in the country after weeks of tensions between civilians and the military.

Al Burhan defended the coup on Tuesday, denouncing that after weeks of tension and allegations between civilians and military, the political forces wanted to “monopolize” the transition before promising the army would “not interfere in the formation of the new” executive branch .

According to the transitional authorities, Sudan was the scene of an attempted coup in mid-September by a group of officers of the armed forces who are allegedly connected to former President Omar Hasan al Bashir, which took place in 2019 after months of massive demonstrations against him.

The transitional authorities were established following an agreement between the previous military junta that emerged after the 2019 coup and various civil organizations and political opposition formations. This government has launched a series of social and economic reforms and has reached a peace agreement with key rebel groups in Darfur and other areas of the country.

However, the September attempt sparked an exchange of criticism and accusations between civilian and military elements that exacerbated the political crisis, including Al Burhan’s motions to dissolve the government, which have led to confrontational demonstrations in recent days, authorities and the army.

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