The coronavirus panic is silly: Elon Musk

The owner of Tesla Motors issued this opinion on his Twitter account and gave what to talk about on the social network.

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Elon Musk , the owner of Tesla , always has an opinion about everything and this time he wanted to talk about COVID-19 . On March 6, the tycoon said on his Twitter account that “the panic for the coronavirus is silly”, which brought answers in support and against.

The coronavirus panic is silly: Elon Musk
The coronavirus panic is silly: Elon Musk

A user supported him by sharing the coronavirus mortality figures, which reach 2% that are nothing compared to 25% of Ebola.

Another user said that the panic is against taking rational measures and that is what the businessman speaks in his tweet. But not everyone agreed, other people answered:

“I am totally surprised that someone who owns a company where employees cannot work from home calls” dumb “to take measures to protect workplaces from a highly infectious disease.”

“As someone with serious heart problems, this tweet seems irresponsible. Just because you are one of the richest people in the United States who has all the opportunities, some like me can die and will die like the other 20 Americans who have died. I should be ashamed. ”

What do you think of Elon Musk's statements?

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