The Congress of Peru does not allow the motion of censure against Pedro Castillo. to debate

The plenary session of the Peruvian Congress refused to discuss the motion of censure proposed against the country’s president, Pedro Castillo, for “ongoing moral incapacity” because it did not receive the required votes on Tuesday.

To allow the discussion of the motion, 52 votes in favor were required, although only 46 congressmen showed their support, while 76 voted against and four abstained, reports the Peruvian newspaper “La República”.

The Congress of Peru does not allow the motion of censure against Pedro Castillo.  to debate
The Congress of Peru does not allow the motion of censure against Pedro Castillo. to debate

The proposal was supported by all opposition groups for Fuerza Popular, Avanza País and Renovación Popular, as well as by a deputy from Podemos Peru, whose other four congressmen abstained.

In addition, the majority of the Bank of Alianza para el Progreso has refused to accept the proposal – two congressmen have expressed their support. The party that led Castillo to the presidency, Peru Libre, for its part voted together against the popular action We are Peru and Together for Peru.

Avanza País Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos, proponent of the proposal, defended in plenary the motion to dismiss the president, whom she called the “executioner of the Peruvians” and accused of “breaking the foundations of the constitution, the constitution and unfair to his party (Peru Libre) and the people who voted for it.

In this sense, Chirinos has pointed to the recent controversies surrounding Castillo, such as the alleged meetings in his parallel building in the Lima district of Breña with business people, authorities and politicians or the alleged “pressure” on promotions in the Bundeswehr, a scandal for his ex-secretary Bruno Pacheco is under investigation and for whom Walter Ayala has resigned as Minister of Defense.

According to Chirinos’ arguments, the Bank of Peru Libre was the first to intervene through its spokesman, Waldemar Cerrón, who has pointed out that “there are no solid arguments” for the vacancy or “any conviction” to “bring” Peru. personal whims “, picks up the Peruvian press.

Alianza para el Progreso spokesman Eduardo Salhuana has opposed the application, while Congressman from Somos Peru, José Jerí, has also claimed that there are no “elements” “justifying a vacancy”.

Likewise, Juntos por Perú spokeswoman Ruth Luque regretted that the proposal was “focused on ignoring the election results”. On the Acción Popular side, Edwin Martínez advocated a “last chance” for the president and Ilich López stressed that the position of his formation is based on the fact that he wants to run a “responsible and intelligent opposition” that intends to “let work and.” contribute to the country “.

On the flip side, Popular Renovation spokesman Jorge Montoya has called for support for the motion, saying that Castillo “has little moral capacity to lead the armed forces through institutional channels” in relation to the alleged irregular ascents scandal .

Congressman Hernando Guerra has called on Fuerza Popular, the party of former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, to support the motion because of the president’s lack of “moral skills”.

For her part, Peruvian Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez welcomed the Congress decision by posting a message on her Twitter profile in which she pledged the government’s “greater willingness” to “work with lawmakers and Peruvians for good”. will make changes in the lives of those who have the least. “

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