The community is launching a campaign against fraud and fraud

From the guts of social networks, a group of users, specialized editors, traders and enthusiasts of Spanish-speaking cryptocurrencies launched the campaign entitled “#ResNoEsNegocio“” A movement that focuses on fraud and fraud education that has emerged in the market.

To learn more about this special campaign, we at Cointelegraph spoke in Spanish to Kevin Hernández, who is responsible for education on the Venezuelan Veinte Stock Exchange and is one of the main promoters of this initiative.

With regard to the birth of the idea, Hernández said that it arose from conversations with Jean Manuel Mejías, a Venezuelan dealer. about a “wave of artists and famous Venezuelans sponsoring commercial academies” and that this caught the attention of both when they saw that there was too much “advertising composite” that they were offering to the public.

The community is launching a campaign against fraud and fraud
The community is launching a campaign against fraud and fraud

Hernández explains that due to the curiosity they had in this regard, Mejías decided to attend and attend the online conferences they held from this academy came to the conclusion that they are developing a pyramid scheme.

Hernández and Mejías saw the strength that this particular academy had in all advertising matters and decided that they did It was necessary to draw strength from the training that instructed people not to fall into them. To strengthen their idea, they called in May on Twitter to the Hispanic community to broaden their idea and broaden their response to fraud.

Hernández explained that With the call, he managed to get different people to join, creating a “decentralized” movement that everyone participates in with the hashtag #ReNoEsNegocio to provide data, memes, cases, and every kind of information that helps people , and Detect Avoid scams in the cryptocurrency market.

In conclusion, Hernández said that he believes this type of movement within the community is extremely important as these fraudulent systems that want to “establish new technologies, cryptocurrencies and fintech tools that are expanding in the market” are ending collective trust affect society’s progress itself, This leads to an impairment of acceptance and growth.

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