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The Colombian government announced an alliance with Fintech Tpaga to help vulnerable families

April 25, 2020

The Colombian national government announced an alliance with Tpaga Fintech to launch an initiative to help families most affected by the Covid 19 pandemic by paying their energy services bill. This was reported by Colombia Fintech on its website on April 19.

The alliance with Tpaga aims to create a system to bring Colombian donations to families who cannot cancel public energy services.

According to the CEO and co-founder of the company, Andrés GutierrezThe experience has been very enriching for the company that has been on the market for four years as they started the project in record time (ten days).

The Colombian government announced an alliance with Fintech Tpaga to help vulnerable familiesThe Colombian government announced an alliance with Fintech Tpaga to help vulnerable families

Gutiérrez said: “For Tpaga, this is an example of how we can help the public sector to run campaigns and take initiatives to provide resources and help the people most affected by covid-19.”

According to the Colombian fintech publication The platform is intended to benefit the country’s population without banks You can get money to do online and offline purchases, top up cell phones, pay for public services, and even get pay slips from some companies on a cell phone. In this context The Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy has launched the “I share my energy” initiative, in which Tpaga is involved. The aim is that Colombians can help a family from strata 1, 2, 3 or 4 pay their monthly electricity bill in an emergency. The aim is to use the donations received to cover most of the families’ electricity bills that are economically affected by preventive insulation.

Gutiérrez added: “What has bothered me the most as an entrepreneur is that the government is often criticized for not acting quickly, but in this case it accelerated us. It shows a commitment from the Ministry and the government to do things and help the most needy as soon as possible. “

Other services

In addition to this initiative Tpaga has launched additional services to meet the needs of Colombians while in detention. For example, you created a payment solution that allows companies that sell to addresses to pick up or receive cash without a data phone. “You can do this by sending a text message, WhatsApp or email and paying customers,” said the Colombia Fintech article.

Various initiatives in the middle of the crisis

Amid the mandatory isolation from the Covid 19 pandemic, financial technology companies have shown various initiatives. This was reported by Colombia Fintech on April 5 in a post on its official blog. According to this publication, they can be seen, among other things, through solutions such as connecting new customers, risk management, lending and managing user bases and potential buyers. These are examples of the resources that digital ventures offer to different companies.

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