The Colombian Constitutional Court supports the return of seats for the victims of the conflict

The Colombian Constitutional Court ruled this Friday in favor of the return of 16 “seats” (seats) for the victims of the armed conflict in the House of Representatives, created following the peace agreement between the government and the now defunct Armed Forces Revolutionaries of Colombia (FARC), signed in the year Eliminated by a legislative vote in 2016 and later in 2017.

An appeal by Senator Roy Barreras, who supported the full chamber of the Court of Justice with five to three votes this Friday, enables these seats to be revived for the victims, so that 16 parliamentarians will be elected in the former conflict zones, with which the country is elected In the year 2022 there will be 188 representatives, reports the Colombian media “El Tiempo”.

In particular, the debate has reached the Constitutional Court through Barriers’ appeal against the Senate Bureau, which overthrew the bill that brought to life the creation of the so-called special temporary peace paraphrases.

The Colombian Constitutional Court supports the return of seats for the victims of the conflict
The Colombian Constitutional Court supports the return of seats for the victims of the conflict

The establishment of these constituencies was included in the peace agreement to improve integration in areas particularly affected by the conflict and as a measure of reparation, and they assumed that the victims had elected 16 representatives temporarily and for two terms.

In this regard, the judge who supported the return of the “seats” of peace pointed out that “the treaties must be formally respected and carried out in good faith, that is, with the will to make them effective,” collects “El Espectador ‘.

Likewise, the Constitutional Court found that in 2017, during a plenary session in the House of Representatives that refused to approve those seats, three congressmen were excluded from the vote for being investigated by the courts and in jail for that vote Majority was not achieved. Thus the approval of the seats was lost at this point, as only 50 votes were required for a total of 52 votes.

“Today is a historic day for our victims! They will be repaired thanks to the creation of 16 peace seats. The Constitutional Court’s decision was fair and correct,” Senate Roy Barreras said in a publication on his Twitter profile.

According to Barreras, the allocation of the 16 seats is a fundamental right to full redress for the nine million victims of the conflict in Colombia.

“With the decision of the court, only the victims in these 16 seats are allowed to be elected. The injustice that there were many seats for the perpetrators but not for the victims is corrected and we have managed to overcome the obstacle, that occurred during all the seats. ” in those years from the Democratic Center, which never wanted to recognize the rights of victims, “added the Senator.

The seats, which are designated as special temporary peace circulations, will only be occupied for the periods 2022-2026 and 2026-2030 in the House of Representatives (MPs) as they are satisfaction measures as part of the integral reparation of the victims to item 2.3.6 of in November Final peace agreement signed in 2016.

The approval of the Court of Justice enables the first vote of the 16 seats in the next parliamentary elections in 2022 and will give a vote to the victims of the armed conflict in the country and the representatives of the municipalities of Chocó (northwest). Cauca, Nariño (southwest), Catatumbo (northeast), Guaviare (south) and Urabá (northwest).

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