The closed cities that are claimed by animals

A headmaster from Llandudno says that the goats, which usually live in a rural park near the city, have developed a taste for the newly planted trees around their school.

A similar picture can be found in Barcelona, ​​where wild boars stroll the deserted streets of the normally busy city center.


The closed cities that are claimed by animals
The closed cities that are claimed by animals

In some places, the possibility for animals to regain urban space is welcome.

Residents of Venice, Italy, which is often a tourist city, have reported seeing more fish, ducks, and dolphins in the empty canals, and crystal-clear water, which is probably due to fewer boats than you usually throw sediment to the surface.

And things have changed even in places where animals are usually locked up.

The Penguin videos At the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, walking in quiet corridors and viewing exhibits have gone viral. Some zoos are innovative in other areas, offer live broadcasts to the public, and enable them to interact with caregivers through virtual spaces such as Facebook Live.

“The species that live next to us do it because they’re so adaptable,” says Royal Holloway’s Becky Thomas.

“You will find new sources of food and take advantage of the new opportunities that arise in our absence.”

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