The Cirque du Soleil announces that it will return in 2021

CEO Daniel Lamarre said he was waiting for the show to continue next year.

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The Cirque du Soleil announces that it will return in 2021
The Cirque du Soleil announces that it will return in 2021

A few days ago, the bankruptcy declaration of Cirque du Soleil was published due to COVID-19. However, CEO Daniel Lamarre announced that the show will return in 2021 and there are already plans to continue the show.

In accordance with CNBCLamarre said: “The good news is that all of our cast and crew live in Las Vegas, so we hope to open Vegas first because the artists are ready, so within a few weeks of the training and rehearsal. ” the show can get back to normal. “

He also said that the return of the company’s shows in Orlando would also benefit from a local cast and crew.

Image: Cirque du Soleil via Instagram

However, this is not the case with tours. “It becomes more difficult for touring shows because we cannot start unless all airlines work according to a regular flight schedule and all borders of the world are reopened because if we do a touring show it will be in 450 cities around the world World the case. ” the world, “he commented.

Show profitability

The CEO is aware that it will be a difficult return because the circus will likely need “a good two years” to return to pre-pandemic profitability. However, he hopes that around 40 percent of his seats will be covered to break even, “with social distance, if we could operate at 50% of our capacity, we would start making a small profit.” “”

He added that “for every show during the health crisis, the company would measure the temperature of guests on arrival at the theater and would have a mandatory mouthpiece policy.”

He Circus of the sun Almost 3,500 employees were cut back as part of the creditor protection application.

Image: Cirque du Soleil over Instaram

You are not the only one affected

The live entertainment industry has serious ramifications from the Covid 19 crisis with the outbreak of the virus that led to show cancellations. Monday the Broadway League The York City Council announced that it had suspended the shows for the rest of 2020.

Finally, Lamarre concluded with a strong message: “Today I can guarantee that the future of the Cirque du Soleil is secure, and when normalcy returns, all of our shows will return little by little.”

This is not the first time that the company has run into a crisis. But since Daniel Lamarre bought the company in 2015, he has encouraged artists from more than 49 countries with different languages, cultures, and generations to work together to achieve new victories.

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