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The ‘Chun Li’ cosplayer who’s fighting the coronavirus emergency

January 31, 2020

Yuan Herong is considered one of the best cosplayers in the world, but in her daily life she is a doctor.

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The global emergency that has been unleashed by the coronavirus in Wuhan , China , is beginning to reveal stories of great human beings who are risking to contain the disease, like the one who died after being exposed to the pathogen to be the first to Serve the victims.

The ‘Chun Li’ cosplayer who’s fighting the coronavirus emergencyThe ‘Chun Li’ cosplayer who’s fighting the coronavirus emergency

A story that is also attracting attention is that of Yuan Herong , a young woman who is dedicated to making (highly detailed costumes) of anime and video game characters who also works as a doctor in their daily lives.

Herong has thousands of followers for her costumes, especially Chun Li from the Capcom Street Fighters video game and anime characters Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and is considered one of the strongest women in the world thanks to her work in bodybuilding.

However, the cosplayer began to go viral on social networks this week not because of her incredible costumes, but because she decided to practice her medical career to help contain the coronavirus in China.

“I am a doctor and my duty is to be on the front line. I will do what I can to contain the epidemic, ”reads one of his posts.

Through her and between her hospital shifts, Herong shares her work to give palliative care to patients infected with the coronavirus. The artist is taking advantage of the popularity she enjoys in order to present exact figures and validated information of the disease to all her followers, as well as the importance of continuing to exercise at home despite the emergency.

Many of his fans thanked him for his work and wished him the best of luck. Yuan simply responded by saying, “We will do our best, have confidence in China.”

This week the World Health Organization (WHO). So far 170 deaths have been declared due to the virus and approximately 7,818 infected since the first case was announced on December 31, 2019.

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