The Christian music group Selah is launching its own fan token

The experienced Christian singing trio Selah has released its own fan token via the rally platform on December 1st.

After the group’s last album that debuted at number one on the iTunes Christian Music chart, the sign 3CR8 will give the fans Access to exclusive benefits such as private messages, video chats and signed goods.

Selah, which means “pause” in Hebrew, is a real hit in the Christian music genreWith 4 million albums sold and 10 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards in more than two decades of making music.

The Christian music group Selah is launching its own fan token
The Christian music group Selah is launching its own fan token

Step Into My Story is the trio’s 16th album and the first on his own record label 3Cre8tivefrom which the name of the token was taken.

At the start Fans can spend $ 200 worth of 3CR8 tokens on a 10-minute live video call with a band member, Tokens worth $ 150 for a personalized greeting or $ 20 to buy a signed album on CD.

While the 3CR8 token is intended to encourage fan engagement, Selah understands that cryptocurrencies are more than just a marketing toolas the singer explains Todd Smith::

“I grew up in the Congo, Africa, where my family started the Laban Bible Institute and started a pharmacy, a women’s literacy program, and a high-performance radio station. I saw firsthand the stifling destruction of economic inequality, the offsetting potential of cryptocurrencies and their ability Removing repressive financial barriers around the world is exciting. “

Rally is an open platform that developers can use to launch their own cryptocurrencies, minted on a private Ethereum sidechain. The price and supply of each Creator Coin or “Creator Coin” is determined by a token binding curve, which means that the more coins there are, The more expensive they get.

Minting a social token does not cost the creator anythingand enables the use of a private sidechain The platform implements functions such as fiat on ramp platforms.

The co-founder of the rally, Mahesh Vellankisaid that to Cointelegraph The vast majority of developers and fans don’t use crypto at all, so this solution simplifies the onboarding process to attract more users to the crypto room::

‚ÄúThere will be a small minority of native crypto users who will want to mint their own ERC-20 token directly in Ethereum so that it is completely ‘trustworthy’ and they can experiment with full control, but that is not Rally’s target market. “

Fans can buy anyone “Creator currency” with credit or debit cards or cryptocurrencies. Tokens can be redeemed for products and experiences with a creator theme or through the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC).

Selah claims to be the first artist in the Christian music genre to launch his own cryptocurrency.

Although the potential of exposing an entirely new streak of music fans to the cryptocurrency world is always welcome, Selah still has a long way to go if he is to outdo Akon.

The American-Senegalese musician and rapper who attributes his success to his Muslim faithalso launched its own cryptocurrency. Though instead of goods and personal messages, Akoin is used to power the futuristic city of Akon, which is being developed in Senegal.

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