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The Chinese Embassy in Spain calls for non-discrimination: “The enemy is the coronavirus, not the Chinese”

February 4, 2020
Yao Fei, encargado de Negocios de la Embajada de China en España, comparece ante la prensa

Yao Fei, Charge d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, appears before the press – EUROPA PRESS

Stresses that since February 1 there are more cases of infected people who are cured than those who die


The head of Business of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, Yao Fei, made a call on Tuesday to avoid discrimination against Chinese citizens due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus and stressed that “the enemy” is the virus and not the citizens of the People's Republic of China.

The Chinese Embassy in Spain calls for non-discrimination: “The enemy is the coronavirus, not the Chinese”The Chinese Embassy in Spain calls for non-discrimination: “The enemy is the coronavirus, not the Chinese”

“The enemy is the coronavirus, not the Chinese,” said the head of Business, who acts as an accidental ambassador until a new head of the diplomatic legation of the Asian giant in Spain is appointed.

In an appearance before the press at the headquarters of the Embassy in Madrid, Yao has highlighted the fact that, since February 1, there are more cases of coronavirus patients who are cured than those who end up dying as a result of the disease .

“It is a positive sign,” he said, and then noted that it is up to scientists and “experts” to determine when the outbreak has entered its final stretch or a downward curve of cases.

The Chinese representative has stressed the efforts being made by the Government of Beijing to win “the battle” against the coronavirus and underlined the policy of “complete transparency” that the authorities have applied in this scenario.

“All the Chinese in China and abroad are working closely together in this historic fight we have against the coronavirus,” he said, after confirming the balance of 425 dead and more than 20,000 people affected by the virus.

In addition, he has accused the United States Government of sowing “panic” in relation to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, having been the first country to withdraw personnel from its Consulate in Wuhan, to evacuate its compatriots and to adopt travel restrictions. to China and entry to citizens from the Asian giant.

Yao has underlined the efforts and “determination” of the Government and the “people” of China in the fight against the outbreak and highlighted the fact that two hospitals have been built in Wuhan to treat those affected by the virus in just “ten days “, with capacity for” 2,000 beds “.

“We have determination, confidence and ability to win the battle against the coronavirus,” he stressed, shortly before highlighting that the World Health Organization (WHO) has praised and supported China's efforts in the fight against the coronavirus.

When asked whether these two hospitals are enough to attend such a high number of people infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan (the last balance is more than 20,000 people affected throughout the country), Yao has said that these places “no are enough “but that the authorities are using all the hospitals available in the region and in other cities to serve the infected people. “We make unprecedented efforts,” he said.

In addition, he noted that the mortality rate of this coronavirus outbreak is 2 percent of the total cases, “much lower than that of SARS,” and has contrasted these data with the latest influenza figures in the United States. , with 13 million people affected in the 2019-2020 campaign, 6,600 people and 120 “infected hospitalized.”

The head of Business of China has highlighted the actions of the Spanish authorities in the face of the outbreak of the new coronavirus and thanked the support they have given to the Beijing Government in this situation.

In this context, Yao has stressed that the outbreak of the new coronavirus “has no passport” and has called for not discriminating against Chinese or Asian citizens on this issue. “There is no reason to see all Asians as suspect cases,” he said.

The head of Business has said that the Embassy has received “complaints from some Chinese citizens” who have felt discriminated against by the outbreak of the coronavirus and stressed that the Spanish authorities have transmitted to the diplomatic legation the rejection of such attitudes, a response which he has defined as “very positive”. In addition, he stressed that these are “isolated cases.” “The Chinese have been very well treated, with tolerance,” he added.

Yao has admitted that the coronavirus outbreak will have “a very significant impact” on China's economy but has been convinced that the Asian giant will continue its “continued economic development.” He has also acknowledged that there will be a “temporary impact” on trade relations between Spain and China but has stressed that they will continue their upward trend.

Asked about whether China has failed to end the business of selling meat for animals for human consumption, the head of Business said that the Chinese authorities are still committed to “eliminate 100 percent this illegal business of wild animals” and will continue to dedicate efforts to this goal.

Finally, on the progress to get a vaccine against the coronavirus, he has indicated that there seems to be an “international competition” to develop the vaccine and has guaranteed that China is dedicating efforts in this regard without still being able to set an exact date For this remedy.

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