The Chinese Embassy in London denies that it was possible to confirm the nationality of the 39 dead found in a truck

Camión con 39 muertos hallado en Essex

Truck with 39 dead found in Essex – REUTERS / PETER NICHOLLS


The Chinese Embassy in London has said Friday that the British Police have not yet been able to confirm that the 39 dead found on Wednesday inside a refrigerated truck in Essex, in southern England, were citizens of Chinese nationality.

The Chinese Embassy in London denies that it was possible to confirm the nationality of the 39 dead found in a truck
The Chinese Embassy in London denies that it was possible to confirm the nationality of the 39 dead found in a truck

“The Chinese Embassy has sent a team led by the Minister Counselor in charge of consular affairs to Essex, England. They have met with the Local Police. Police have said they are verifying the identity of the dead, whose nationality is still it cannot be confirmed, “said the Chinese Embassy on its website.

The Essex Police reported Thursday that all the dead were Chinese citizens, of which eight were women and the rest were men.

Of those killed, “38 are believed to be adults and one is a young adult woman. Previously we had reported that I could be a teenager but we have subsequently confirmed that eight of the dead are women and 31 are men and it is believed that they are all Chinese nationality, “explained Essex Police, who is in charge of investigating the facts.

After remembering that the person arrested as a suspect in the murder remains in custody, the Police have warned that he has not speculated on the “identity” of the detainee and will not do so. He has then reported that agents have registered “three properties” in County Armagh, in Northern Ireland, in connection with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the truck has been removed from the place where it was found with the bodies so that researchers can carefully analyze the vehicle. For its part, a forensic team will be in charge of the analysis of the bodies found.

Essex Police have explained that the detainee after the discovery of the truck is the driver of the vehicle, a 25-year-old from Northern Ireland who remains in custody. “We continue to work diligently to determine all the circumstances of this horrible fact, which has led to further investigation for the murder of the history of our unit,” explained the Police of the town in the south-east of England.

According to the inquiries, the truck cabin entered the United Kingdom from the Welsh port town of Holyhead on Sunday and picked up the container at Wednesday at 0.30 am, arriving at the port of Purfleet from the Belgian town of Zeebrugee. Minutes later, at 1.40 am, the East England Ambulance Service informed the Essex Police of the finding of the 39 bodies inside the truck.

The Police have indicated that the 39 bodies will undergo an individual examination by a forensic team to determine the cause of their death before the identification process is carried out. “This is going to be an important operation and, at this time, we cannot estimate how long this process will take,” he said.

The Belgian Prosecutor's Office has informed that it has opened an investigation in relation to the case that will focus “on the organizers and all other parties involved in this transport”.

“The preliminary results of the investigation show that the container in question arrived at Zeebrugge at 2:49 p.m. on October 22 and left the port that afternoon to arrive at Purfleet on October 23 at 1.00,” he said in his statement.

“It is not clear when the victims were placed in the container and if this happened in Belgium,” said the Belgian Prosecutor's Office, who has pledged to work in “close collaboration” with the Police and the British judicial authorities.

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