The CFTC will hold its annual conference online

On July 9th LabCFTC, the fintech office of Commodity Futures Trading Commission (or CFTC) ) announced that will replace its annual Fintech Forward conference, which usually lasts one day, with three different online sessionsunder the title of the series Empower Innovation 2020.

New conferences take place on days September 24, October 21 and November 19With LabCFTC divides the days by topic. The Director and Head of Innovation Melissa Netram He told Cointelegraph that this was an attempt to cope with the reduced attention span of virtual events compared to personal events: “If we were to spend a whole day, we would know that we would probably end up with distracted people.”

Fintech Forward suitable for COVID-19

The annual Fintech Forward conferences have been an important part of the work of the relatively young LabCFTC for several years. Netram explained the office’s response to the current COVID 19 pandemic:

“We recognized this because of the pandemic [la conferencia presencial] it is not done. But we understood that we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring all of these people together. ”

The CFTC will hold its annual conference online
The CFTC will hold its annual conference online

It was in the Fintech Forward 2019 as President Heath Tarbert announced that LabCFTC would become an independent office within the commission responsible for Netram.

“Promoting innovation and improving the regulatory experience of market participants is critical to our work at the CFTC,” said Tarbert in the conference announcement.

In memory of general work of LabCFTC during the COVID-19 pandemicNetram told Cointelegraph that The office had focused on training other areas of the agency: “We can focus more on this commission-wide training and address issues, as I said, as basic as blockchain technology is, as well as more complex issues.”

LabCFTC has yet to confirm the Empower Innovation schedule.

Other CFTC plans and the street lamp project

Just yesterday, the commission released its goals for the remainder of Tarbert’s term as president, which ends in 2024 Create a more unified framework for digital assets. Current regulatory practice in the U.S. takes raw materials like Bitcoin and Ether into account, which means that The CFTC monitors its markets and regulates its derivatives, but most crypto assets are still pending.

In the conference LabCFTC will announce the winner of the Streetlamp project, a contest to find a tool to search the Internet for futures deals that are available in the United States but not registered with the CFTC.

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