The cattle ranch in Bolivia will have a sign for cattle digital trade

The Swiss crypto consultancy Finka announced on Monday that, according to the digital medium, it will use the blockchain technology and infrastructure provider CoreLedger. CoindeskTo give way to “new opportunities for traditional investors” and enable them to digitally trade beef calves.

According to the companies, the tokenization of companies initiative will enable a trade similar to that of a traditional exchange economy.

Rancho La Pradera in Bolivia will use the native mark of Finka to facilitate exchanges whenever cattle are sold. and part of the profits made through the commercialization will be distributed among the token holders.

The cattle ranch in Bolivia will have a sign for cattle digital trade
The cattle ranch in Bolivia will have a sign for cattle digital trade

Likewise, token holders have the right to visit Rancho la Pradera and see cattle first hand. In addition, the design of a process is proposed so that token holders can register for a visit of up to two weeks without direct costs on site. The only cost that is estimated would be the necessary transportation to travel to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Finka Token is the first blockchain technology-based financial instrument in Switzerland that has an “International Securities Identification Number”. the globally recognized identifier for securities.

With that in mind, the CEO of CoreLedger said: “The Finka token is unique in that it has an integrated connection to a secondary market within the CoreLedger platform.” said Johannes Schweifer and noticed that IHolders can convert the token into other tradable assets made from gold, oil, or corn. completed.

On the other hand, Finka’s founding partner Carlos Fernández Mazzi mentioned that the company is using livestock as a low risk profession to deploy an economic tool backed by blockchain technology.

“We have a good roadmap for other industries to develop their own financial instruments for applications in other economic sectors,” said Fernández Mazzi, founding partner of the company.

About Finka Token

Finka Token is a security token that grants a right to income based on blockchain technology from farm animals. It combines the technology and forward sales of future revenues in traditional livestock farming as an innovative security. It is operated by the Swiss company Finkia GmbH through its own subsidiaries.

The Finka token is exempt from withholding tax and is the result of cooperation with other Swiss service providers in which banks, engineers, legal advisors and investors are involved.

Finkia Token consists of 9.5 million tokens, which are issued by Finkia GmbH and are based on the base value of the herd of cattle in Rancho La Pradera. Each token has a value of CHF 1.00 and the holders of the token are entitled to a proportionate annual net operating profit from the La Pradera Ranch cattle farm.

Finka Token’s annual return is expected to exceed 5 percent, which will be distributed to each token holder as the actual financial return. Finka Token democratizes cattle as an asset class for the first time.

As a negotiable and innovative financial good, this token converges the traditional production activity of farm animals with crypto financing, which is also based on blockchain. It is a token that has value as it represents rights and can be traded in new ways using the DLT of the blockchain.

The Finka Token design process is subject to rigorous conventional financial considerations, reinforced by technology and emerging communication skills. Hence, the company hopes to be pioneers in this area and to project the Finka token as a reference for future instruments. financial resources that bring together the traditional cryptocurrency economy.

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