The Catalan Industry Foundation is launching an incentive program for Industry 4.0

The Foundation for Industry, in collaboration with ACCIÓ, is promoting a program to bring large industrial companies operating in Catalonia into contact with Catalan industrial SMEs using Industry 4.0. The Foundation for Industry promotes measures to develop strategies to promote industrial activity. This was announced in the program agenda published by ACCIÓ.

The program has three meetings to take place in the last quarter of 2020. The participating companies can find out what large industrial companies can contribute.

What is summarized in learning and knowledge in the implementation of technology because they are already in the early stages of Industry 4.0. and the ability to help build supply chains with Catalan roots, where industrial SMEs can grow in importance, by defining requirements and standards that enable them to adapt to Industry 4.0.

The Catalan Industry Foundation is launching an incentive program for Industry 4.0
The Catalan Industry Foundation is launching an incentive program for Industry 4.0

One of the goals proposed by the Industry Foundation is to give entrepreneurs, managers, middle managers and employees the vision and belief that it is also possible for them to incorporate and do Industry 4.0 in their companiesassuming the minimum risks with the necessary investments to be able to innovate the business model, the systems, processes or products and services and thus directly influence the improvement of its competitiveness.

Planned program

In relation to the planned program that they have planned for the conference, the first large industrial company is now participating in this program, Schneider Electric, which will accompany it in the following meetings in the last quarter of 2020.

The first day starts today, Monday, October 26th, at 4:00 p.m. It will be responsible for Josep Roca. President of the Foundation for Industry and will deal with the question of how to lead in Industry 4.0. Núria Aymerich, Expert in Transformational Leadership and General Secretary of the Guild of Manufacturers of Sabadell, who will deal with the topic of Proaction 4.0, will also be present.

The second day is on November 23rd and the third on December 16th during the same hours from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The invitation is aimed at small or medium-sized companies to join and participate in the day.

Adaptation to Industry 4.0

The importance of Industry 4.0 now lies in the qualitative leap that has to be made in the organization and in the control of the entire value chain. The advantages of this type of industry in companies are therefore flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements. As well as improving the efficiency of processes and saving costs (flexible and dynamic production).

Another advantage is the improvement in decision-making and responsiveness. Reduction of time to market; the improvement of products / services (the product as a service) and the generation of new lines and business models. Not to mention the improvement in working conditions and employee safety (flexibility in work organization), which can be improved through the introduction of Industry 4.0.

Basic challenge for the industry

From the Foundation for Industry of Catalonia, they believe that the real challenge is not that of technology, but rather changing the mentality and attitude of the people who run and actively participate in Catalonia’s industrial companies.

The aim of the Foundation for Industry is to achieve a change in the attitudes of people in corporate management with this program, which they support, and to support them in taking the first step.

The first step is to understand the need to integrate Industry 4.0 and get them to dare to do so. Then they have to guide them so that they go through the appropriate process to learn, learn, define and implement the technology that best suits them. As you said earlier, it is clear that this process needs to avoid unnecessary investments by implementing technologies that are either not needed or oversized for their needs.

The Foundation for Industry also wants to focus on bringing Industry 4.0 to the different areas of the territory, thus promoting the business development of companies in the most uninhabited or least industrialized areas.

Ultimately, the Foundation for Industry would like to act as a catalyst and driver for Catalan industrial SMEs in order to accompany them on their step to Industry 4.0 and thus help them to become more competitive.

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