The cat with the hat comes to the blockchain

Dapper Labs, the team behind the groundbreaking non-consumable token game (NFT) CryptoKitties, Partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises Collect digitized collectibles that represent the most representative characters of the company.

The agreement announced on July 21 is considering digital experiences alongside symbolic representations of Dr.’s most popular characters To create SeussAmong them are the cat in the hat, the lórax and thing one and thing two.

The cat in the hat turns into a cryptocurrency

Suitable for selling digital packs of collectibles, This allows fans to collect and keep these NFTs. Fans who collect certain “sets” of tokens will unlock and exclusive content You can access unique experiences that are superior to those of the packages that can be purchased.

The cat with the hat comes to the blockchain
The cat with the hat comes to the blockchain

In an announcement, the founder and CEO of Dapper Labs, Roham Gharegozlouemphasized the changed way in which consumers deal with collectibles in the wake of increasing digitalization.

“With our new experience with digital Dr. Seuss stickers, we combine the best of both worlds and enable fans to interact with each other and discover something completely new, while using our collective nostalgia for the characters that our childhood so much mean.”

L.The company emphasized that NFTs “are designed to live in a digital space forever”.and claim that Dr. Seuss fans will be able to pass on digital collectibles across generations.

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