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The British court rejects Craig Wright’s appeal against Roger Ver

May 30, 2020

Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed candidate for Satoshi Nakamoto and NChain’s chief scientist lost an appeal against the founder of and the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) promoter Roger Ver. Wright first sued Ver for calling him “cheater and liar”removed from YouTube in a video in 2019, but the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed Wright asked to appeal.

According to court files of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales of May 29th The complaint was dismissed because “England and Wales are clearly not the right place to judge this defamation measure.” .

Wright, an Australian citizen, lives in London while Ver is a citizen of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Wright argued that Being called a fraudster has damaged your reputation In the British business world, he decided to do business in the UK.

The British court rejects Craig Wright’s appeal against Roger VerThe British court rejects Craig Wright’s appeal against Roger Ver

However, the court ruled that “Wright’s reputation is likely to be compromised in other jurisdictions where it was released, such as England and Wales,” because “Bitcoin is a global currency.” He also mentioned that the majority of Ver’s followers on social networks residen in the United States.

Roger Ver told Cointelegraph that Wright must now bear all of his legal costs. To date, they are estimated to reach $ 100,000. “I will ask you to pay me in Bitcoin Cash.”added Ver.

When asked about Wright’s decision to take legal action, Ver replied: “True pain”.

Craig Wright’s litigation

In particular, the judges emphasized that their decision was “not about whether Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not,” an allegation that Wright tries to prove his case against Ira Kleiman to be tried on July 6th.

Earlier this month, Craig Wright was referred to as “liars and cheaters”, a message signed by 145 Bitcoin (BTC) wallets that were mined in his early years. in an obvious attempt to prove that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, podcaster Peter McCormack and Twitter pseudonym Hodlnaut, Have received shares for defaming Wright at some point.

Cointelegraph contacted Craigh Wright for further comments, but has not yet received a response.